Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Just so glad to be alive

Thinkaboot it.  Be glad to be alive and healthy
I live in Canada
but there are
so may places
I would not like 
to vist they 
do not feel fully 
the same way.

This  was my soft app arch
kill the Muslims extremists
my friends
or you will
be the last pig
on a pig roast,.

Harper lost in Space

 Canada a country
which many or most
 patriotic Canadians
 would proudly admit
stands for nothing
but good wishes

Our current Tea Party goverment
elected in the medieval
first past the post election
has lost its head
with the latest
space related visa
that make ones
brain scream with dread
at  the absolute of
six gravity stupidity.

Canada was privileged
to host such a prestigious
future building event
and we should be proud
to host the esteemed
international astronautical symposium

Space is thankfully in our history
a mostly non political place
All nation depend upon Russia right now
to get every astronaut from every nation
up and down.

The world built a hundred billion dollar
without wasting a cent
defending earths pencil driven boundaries
because that is the point
of the International Space Station
we all live on a very small
blue green and increasingly 
sand ball.

For Harper and company 
to throw their pitiful wrench
into the voyage of discovery
makes one wonder
just what makes
a conservative rich?

Friday, 26 September 2014

looking at the world through the fog

Really we have never been in better shape has humans. The finance system is really fucked but that is the norm. If we ever get it right look out. Humans continue to climb to unbelievable heights of discovery and every day today is a thousand years in medieval times. Yes we continue with the asshole rule concept but every day more and more people realize they should not worship those communicative but still stinky farts.

ISIS are you serious. The USSR had a hundred thousand nukes pointed at us with a hair trigger, and ISSIS has a sharp knife.  I mean a knife some carbon steel that can hack a head off. Carbon Steel knives and bravo are blood in the sand when any serious military action comes. Its like me playing in the NHL. I will be exposed instantly and have to leave the game forever.

We are playing the wrong game in the middle east. Ignore the oil, ignore Islam
tell the young people with tablets dropped from above. You people are important to the human community and this is what we have so far discovered.

Should I die right now or say the truth. Islam is a piece of shit religion. Like Mormons or Catholics or Jews but somehow worse. God never spoke to no one on this earth. Behead me you motherfuckers, but it will make your fate worse.

Has anyone ever considered the squirrel we run over most days in our car
because they are not important enough in our world to be given automotive repere? Yes we are all on a bigger battlefield squirrels and our problem is we never see the thing big enough to run us over.

Al Queda was not radical enough to remain a brand

Tora Bora and Osama living in luxury in the be best part of Pakistani. These were problems just to big to ignore. So someone somewhere decided the best case was for Osama to die like Entebbe. For sure they did it in a confusing way.
No one can say Osama is dead or even existed in that life. Maybe he was the son that was chosen for a dark fight.

I have traveled this world on a business class ticket. Yet I felt the pain deeply of all the citizens who in this world would not have the slightest chance to depart a jet let alone a donkey convoy.

Holy Fuck Batmann our world is a fucked up place.
Tell me its not all nepotism when we 
get all backed up. The traffic does not move
But those at the top do not drive
and travailing around in a limo
is like a living room
and if there is a delay
they can spew out
some platitudes to make
you and me feel
this system is okay.

I am really fucking pissed off
I have seen the third world up close
all those motherfucker would
beat out the first worlders
in a McDonald post
or being a cop 
or saving someones life
as a EMT

The fact is our jobs
are mostly bullshit
we never wanted to behave this way
Yes Facebook is all high school
and that is why we are now
under duress
the idiots from high school
never had to mature
in the natural way
they got good jobs
and seniority

Look I am not trying to say
being intelligent and well bred
is a sin
and we should be so suspicious
of someone
who carries a toolbox
full of sin

The problem is an its very real
If you think I am exaggerating
ask Marie Antoine
a pretty little girl
from Austria
who did not 
have the intelligence
to stop eating cakes
when the populace
was down to the bone

IMHO we are now about
the level
that existed in France.
Cue this up on your
threat map
They had no race
upon which
could cause grief.

Class divisions
Arm 15
races in conflict
Muslims who 
seem not to breathe

This is a clusterfuck
ready to explode
and who can stop the rain
its going to go off
money is the fuel 
for our pain.

Price of crude is dropping

We are now bombing ISIS oil producing facilities with extreme prejudice. No one has the freedom to lower the price of oil, or trade it for goats and cheese!

Nonsense scraps left behind when the main thought was produced.
Well its all connected by some thread. Masters of the Universe do not answer questions unless they are in dread. The best explanation of this con goverment is found in the Stargate series. Our current goverment is for sure composed of worshipers of Egyptian Gods from another universe. One thing they hate is commodity prices falling. A good Government would recognize this is a structural weakness in Canada and ameliorate. WE used to have such sensible folks and then those with an MBA from the GWB academy took over. Its pull every lever all the time. Its like monkeys seeking bananas when they know just one pull will give a reward. But just like the monkey this goverment never thought what next! God help us. What if he dont listen then what?

OMG!!! Kim Stanley Robinson getting the Game of Thrones opportunity!!

Perhaps the greatest trilogy of all time is coming to TV. I think I just peed my pants! We got a good run going now add Peter F Hamilton, Dan Simmons and David Brin and even the sheeple will have to Baa Baa!
Neal Stevenson needs a movie or three. Although I have heard one is being made. Its a ying and yang world, broadcast TV is almost total crap but cable is reaching for the stars!

Thursday, 25 September 2014

Lets take a step back

Are there not a thousand other regions in the word we should fear if they wold bring their governance here? We are being played like Gobbles.  Invent a threat and then get ready for a long war.

Skin in the game

Knock Knock its a cruise missile attack.
What more motivation do we need
to keep assholes plugged up?

Elevator Logic

I think it was JP Morgan but I could be wrong in Rockerfeller, who said when the elevator operators are giving you stock tips the crash is self evident.

So know we have the wonderful distraction of ISIS. They are cumming to your bedroom and will fuck you harder than the usual Crack Hoe,
Routinely Americans protected by some or other amendment
slaughter a half dozen or more citizens
but this is just considered
life in the big city
When some man in black
says he will attack
we go def con four.

The New York City police
force could roll back ISIS in a week
with the stop and frisk

The mouse that roared
and we are going to
amplify that throaty
and claim victory
over the people
we vowed to protect
and bring democracy.

I still do not believe
ISIS is real
no they are a product
of an IKEA assembly
with advanced
psych ops.

Even the Khmer Rouge
were less bloodthirsty
and that's True Blood

My opinion which is
very well rooted
in the reality of
traveling the world
was informed
buy a recent discovery

Generation Kill
staring Eric
and the brother
of Burn Notice

We continue to try and paint
a masterpiece using brooms
instead of brushes
and just get frustrated over the mess
and bomb and bomb
to get a new canvas.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

People on strike

Yeah they are not consuming. Yeah they are not making babies
Yeah take not you masters of the universe that depend upon ever expanding prodigy.

The Gay agenda

We lived for thousands of years persecuting Gays. There was never anything wrong with that. Now we admit we were wrong, but I am tired of everything Gay. I am tired of transgender and all these marginal folks taking up the political space that needs more poke.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Should our world be groundhog day on Juno beach/

No Jack Ma!

Jewish Splooge

The Jews have spewed Semen all over the holy lands. The Arabs IMHO have spent this same time shitting there. Right now today we are in a Semen Shit holocaust of middle east real estate. Its like the never seen gross outtakes of a anal focused porn video.

After seeing that I do not know which way to go. The Jews have lost cause they do not do anal enough. There is no way they survivie, you can pump money into a pump for so long and it will refresh even if you deny the fact there is no water there. Millions and Billions of motivated dumb fucks against Israeli. No way for victory especially because they seem to win everywhere.

No Supermen

Yep all the masters of the universe and all the wanna bees
are just like you and me
they rode a good wave
and with their cuts
lead the world
to annihilation
so do not trust the experts
especially those on TV
they are being paid
to keep a very
expensive labour intensive
reality distortion field.

Income Inequality bring it on

If you want to live in fear behind a gate, Travel the world and that is what you see,

Tats why we have Tats

When I grew up in the pre internet age the only people who had tats where not to politically incorrect gutter rats. They were exclusively retrogrades or people who did some kind of job that the elite did not fancy. The biggest surprise for me is the women.  As a youth I had litle chance to hit it. Maybe this was due to a mass mis-communication and the young people today are marking themselves to express the point.

Do I clement the death of 3D TV

No not at all and I think 4K will go the same way. For easy viewing 720p will remain the standard. If you want upscale you will be wearing googlies.  And soon some day a USP ported directly to the brain. Do not invest in glass, and even the cable will be short.

Money Creation

Its all artificial, that's why we do not have a gold standard. That means we are all living in an illusionary economy that is completely faith based. Our high priests are economists. People that would meet you lost in the middle of a corn field and tell you exactly what the yield was and taking your watch the time, but have no idea where you where standing.

We are all Wlye E Coyotes now.

Kaos Climate Change

To those who believe in man made climate change its as obvious to us as the fact that Christ had a virgin birth, disappeared for 30 years, and then rose from the dead.

We needed more Frank Luntz in our approach.  The best climate change denial argument I have heard is that we find evidence that the north and south extremes of our planet where once tropical. Yes that's true and at one time they were molten lava. Climate change alarmists are not denying the climate of the earth has changed many times over the billions of years of earths existence. What we are saying is that the climate change we are now experiencing has its roots in mans burning of fossil fuels. Author C Clark's Rendezvous with Rama series explained it as messing with Gods thermostat.  The result is chaotic climate in a closed environment.

My point is that we should have called it Kaos Climate Disruption, KCD.
What is the difference between KAOS and EXXON?

Monday, 22 September 2014


How much do we spend on CISIS and how much do you pay for being afraid

Waste of money all round. There is not threat to Canada that the police can not handle. I am now so worried about ISIS cutting my head of while I sleep I have forgotten about Harper doing it in the daytime.

I am not going to lock myself inside a gym bag from the outside with the key and the lock well beyond my reach.

Did Hemingway lack for sugar, I can only guess he never got enough because he blew his brains out.
Time was you could just make a brilliant statement without your mental health becoming property of CISIS.
Like every other person who wears the tinfoil proudly I am not without fear. When you throw enough darts recklessly what happens if you hit a bulls eye? I am going to be sincere here for a moment. I never want to hit a bulls eye. Furthermore every time I write everything I try to miss the target,
because I like living.

Google it you lousy kids -  Mike Toff

Jack Ma Asshole

No not really. No more than a hundred in the papers everyday in the USA.  The difference is that Jack Ma negotiated Niagara Falls without a barrel to make his mark.  China is boiling furnace and its so easy to get burned. What some would see as his ridiculous Tony Robbins or THE SECRET like advice I see as positive. Its like the potential NHL, NBA or NFL player. They all do exactly what Jack advises. He is just telling us we are all in the game to one extent or the other. In China this kind of behavior is magnified. We should celebrate Jack Ma. The world can not be populated by his kind. What worked for him if you followed it exactly will not make you a billionaire or even rich, but there is this chance.
However he exemplifies the superstars of business that get rich
exploiting our weakness. And I have to say what is a game for him is cannon fodder wasted existence for others. This is not his fault, and the best lesson from this story is to realize that. There are workarounds that can take effect, but we are not going down that tunnel intellectually
no one who has made there mark whats best practices. They are like greybacks guarding the soil. Dont care dont ask its my mountain and I rule it like welfare,

ISIS End Game

Thinking aboot the week ahead is the only luxury the masters of the universe never practice. What happens today is like a bird on the windshield, next week a flock of birds. The masters of the universe play snooker endlessly plotting how to shape the battlefield five to twenty years in advance, and daily making decisions based upon the intel that gives them the best shot. What is glaring in your real people think is the effect of ISIS. If Bob Dylan where selling bonds like David Bowie it might be relevant, but as a K street terrorist tail wagging dog the real thinkers have bet ISiS was as irrelevant as Al Queda, despite their come kill me bravado. If you want to see how the table is set, and want to gamble with your ballsread.
Watch Obama. Is this a clever politician letting himself be forced to take the position he always wanted, or is this an honest man who sees ISIS as yet another quagmire?  All his Generals and anyone with some brass experience is saying boots on the ground. When Tony Blair weighed in with his weasel words my opinion formed.  Obama like JFK before him has defied the military industrial complex. Will he make it until Nov 24?  The end game for ISIS is to get the USA to take out Assad in Syria. Not logical you say. Its just as logical as the war for oil in Iraq resulting neither in cheaper prices or more secure supply. However IMHO that was the goal of Operation Freedom.

Friday, 19 September 2014

Stop telling obvious inspirational self serving stories

Its like toilet humor, just grow up! I call for a constitutional amendment to protect us from the tearjerker. The last refuge of a filmmaker is to make a movie where people fall in love and one the partners dies in the end. Love Story the end. I am also done with Holocaust movies. Every one as part of a liberal education should watch at least three, Schindler's List, The Grey Zone and one of the thousand others. If that has not filled your boots with misery your sick.

We have enough real soul sucking calamities  in our lives, investments in higher production values to tell us life is a dance on a barbecue where you never know if it will be lit under your feet.Is an investment in psychological terror that makes one feel like meat.

It to meet the test of being a 1% chance its terrorism. Maybe Al Quada is funding romantic snuff movies. ISIS has certainly stepped up the competition for reality TV, I am sure the US will respond with a serial killers version of Big Brother or Survivor. I think it would be fantastic entertainment and true justice to put a gaggle of serial idiots in a cinematic environment and see who dies first. They could all legally agree, and the prize would be, a bullet to the head from you and me. This would eliminate my problem with capital punishment. The state should never kill, just like a parent should never hurt, because once certain lines have been crossed,  humans have logical dross. And thats the worn dental floss that holds our civilization together
and I have not made any prepper investments
but believe me now
and I will tell you later
I have my fingers crossed.

Scotland Votes NO!

The greatest thing about this whole exercise was that it was
democracy in motion. There is no doubt with  over 80% participation that the people have spoken. Its Pareto's law. At least there be justice in the decision.
The no side was forced at the last minute to make goverment more relevant.
Both sides can claim victory. Neither side can say the truth won out.

I was all for an independent Scotland but in my own self interest
I celebrate that the nationalists in Quebec will not gather much fuel
from this result. That is not to say that the Quebecois do not deserve their day. IMHO they are doing pretty well in control of their destiny. At least as well as one can be with  Harpies as a referees.

I can only hope in 2015 Canada is as engaged and thoughtful as the Scots where yesterday.

Thursday, 18 September 2014

Arctic lost symbolism that makes Canada PUKE

I write you all a message and mostly if I am not in panic  it has a touch of the dramatic.
Who the fuck is going to ever intrepert the face book messages of Steve Harper
i expect in the equivalent of history books of 2024 he will be recorded
as an Arctic Warrior without a spear
who choose to die before
eating seal

Thank you Jack White for the Fiber Optic Jesus that you gave me!

The thing about Jack White is that he is an incredible talent. Not to date fulfilled!

Okay Stupid Dumb Fucks

You know who your are
you voted against
women having the vote
let alone the horrific record
of slavery that democratically
was certified as prime beef

Yes there are a near majority
of dumb fucks

We see this time and again
even in the 21st century
yeah we should all be in flying
cars and everyone on this earth
as a kid
should have an interface that
makes their future way beyond
mind control

As it exists today the struggle between
capitalism and communism is a 
landslide victory
for the commies
they do not mess around
they take any market
that interests them
and apply with capital
a winning vice

In the good old USA
and most nations that 
where just living in 
a friendly way
we are caught completely off guard
by ruthless old style emporium
who laugh at our democratic safe guards
The Chinese do not let a bird fly free
and I fear they will own 
you and me
with the complete co operation
of our capitalist industry.

Just wait for the first Enoch 
for  conformation.

The Strain

I am a B movie affectionate. Ideas not worth a big investment. Yet look at the Night of the Living Dead. Is there a more infantile movie taken root in the twenty first century? Why is that? I have been thinkingaboot it and now will explain. The first edition was all about nuclear war and what mutations we would find on the driveway. Today the audience is much more sophisticated. Thats why we have a viseral fear now backed up by science that we are killing this planet.
Sure we can not destroy life easily but through simple acceleration of human 
activity we can eliminate our species.

Wrap your head around that batmann, and say holy fuck!
The guys and girls curing your cancer
and doing amazing science all along
the wall
you with will agree.

When these same people tell
you cutting your lawn with a two 
stroke is going to end mankind
get your scorn
and worse
maybe a coal black pickup
shooting out emissions
because the driver
has some kind of curse
of lack of intellect y
and they are rebel
and thats a combo 
more deadly than 
the worst influenza
its a human mind
without understanding
making itself great
by doing childish 
cause they don't believe
pollution is worse
than goverment
and the King James Version
was not a translate.

If you do not believe humanity
is in a great struggle
sip your latte

We are on a lifeboat
and have few choices
we adapt to the planet
or we will not survieve

Good and Eviel

Today it plays out daily across the USA. Evil Gia striking back with forest fires and drought but on the other hand floods. If you watch the news every night your and idiot, a sheeple a non discriminating USB port to control.

The news tells you what you should be thinking. Believe me now and I will tell you later that is a scary thought. I predict a class action suit against the networks for giving citizens PTSF and other alpahabets.

Social Media Touchdown

The NFL has a long history. It was only social media that made them want to measure up to the legacy of marching music, incredible back stories, and imagery.

Wednesday, 17 September 2014

living in a Reganite Thacher world

So strongly proven false, vote for something else.

I am so bored with the USA

You give me Kardasian when I was seeking NASA

Over Dramatic

Most people who want to keep you safe
really believe in that landscape
its only the rouges we
must fitter to diffuse.

Why am I sitting here with no msuic?

I checked every connection
and they came by
four by fore
and then I went
for the cellphone
and it was in the
middle of an updatte
and thats when I
realized I was no longer
an irritant
I was sniper bait

So from  A mile away
a fitfy cal will blow off
my head
if i do not move it in
the seconds that protrade

Someone is going to terminate me
thats the prepositon\
upon which I live
Speak the truth
too strong
and you will
find yourself in a trunk
that contains
the world
if it was not ruled
by a surviving funk

Personal Hygine POst

Do not worry not to much information. I just do not like long hair anymore.
If I could make a stupid lobby its like fingernails on my scalp.

Rob Ford has cancer

I see Rob as a spoiled brat who was really down to earth. He was a disaster for Toronto but he did win some battles that needed to be fought. I wish him all the best and hope we now know enough to save his life.

Toronto love it or hate it is the biggest asset Canada has.  Manage this well and Canada can be Singapore, Hong Kong, Wien and San Francisco combined.

The key is infrastructural and security. The lock is nubile minds willing to work.
The treasure is self evident if you walk the streets. Walk down the champs dilly aye and you do not wonder why real estate there is priced skyway.

Toronto needs to keep a low rent district to grow the next big throw.
People are increasingly irrelevant to produce some power to make a plant.
But so far what people can do is entertain other humans better than robots
and in the future that will be the single employable skill.

Are you entertaining Mr Mozart, your only fourteen years old I doubt you could persuade me.

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Let Love Rule

I never wanted to feel this way
but you let me go
and when I wrestle with the future
your a dim bulb
some kind of constrained
when LED
could light up my life
but there is something
that phycics can not descripe
some kind of tribal
that make me always
wanting you by my side
your my cindrella
and when life crahse
with that vision
we emerge two
pulling a train
of love and happnyess
despite the struggle
we are on
in the fight
and globally speaking
we can give the futre
a big shout

leaving something behind

Your dead alradity

all lost in the supermarket

The clash entry level brilliance.

Government ATM


March of Democracy

In Ukraine the West has surrendered
to democracy
but ironically 
so has Putin

The rebels get some
and the nation stays intact
to fight and climb
to whatever heights
the citizens deem

Now granted in Ukraine
will not all of Russia
ask for the same
No more governs appointed
from the Kremlin
local representation
on the ground
making life local
for the citizens
who live in a village
and just want 
a white picket fence
good schools
honest cops
clean water
and sewage treatment
that does not smell

Step aside and up 
and out of your shoes
and your vision
should increase to 
Ukraine, Scotland, Iraq
these are visions
that connect with threads
to you and me

I live in Canada
in no way do I feel
its a democracy
The USA is worse
but we both share the curse
of money buying votes
and no real choice

My own beautiful
lush vision of Canada
is perturbed
we have every tool
but can not make
a wheel
Both regional and local
goverment are insane
but we pay big taxes
just the same

Good goverment is the key
to a sustainable
master living plan
a continuous uninterrupted corruption free
barn bee

There is no mystery to finding this
its just so many people are paid
fantastic sums
to keep the goverment plums
in the family

Monday, 15 September 2014


I just saw the headline
on the Huffington Post
what most of of us
post millions
should view as truth
and I say its toast

telling me what to think
is the equivalent of telling
me to play hockey
in a unflooded rink

The ice may be available
but when my skate
hits a rut
I will be thrown.

Canada my beloved country
faces its own Scottish referendum
cira 2015
do we want to more Germany
or anglo saxon
should we worship more Queen
or mother earth
do we have a single

History is more
than good stories
its our place on this earth
and I for one no matter
what my defects
do not want to work
my butt off
and pay taxes
to keep the Royals

How in any reality
of taxpayer relevance
can paying the Royals
to stay alive
be justified?

In Scotland today
this is the referendum
the east India company
and BP
have taken and taken
and never given back
and the Scots are
now asking in a referendum,
More than that would I
not be better off
if I controlled my own destiny
If England be Microsoft
why can I not choose Apple?

This referendum is big stuff
like the storming of the Bastille
with no bloodshed
no matter what side your on
its a revolution played out
with no shade
with no backyard allies
like the war on ISIS
this is the real deal
people taking tasks
into hand
and thinkingaboot
a new land
a land free of the English
mockery of democracy

If you have lived in a small village
with a pitiful town council
you will see
the perjuries trap
that is democracy

In China they were fed up
with being poor
they analyzed the system
and became the worlds greatest
communist entrapaneers

Like no one has noticed
we now buy all our goods
from a communist country
Hit me with a tear
and  I will rise
still stunned  
So all together
looking at Kim Kardasihan
Did she not die in a tunnel
I have no reference point
due to all the clutter of life
and its my most deepest wish
that it could be recycled
No way says history
we must as an individual
and a society re invent
cause that is the only way
we can be important.

All leaders

Take you someplace you had never imagined

Copyright Steve 2014

Checking in

The worm turns slowly in my mind. But here is what I have been thinkingaboot things not new.

ZNation may not have got good reviews but I loved it. Its less highly produced but the premier introduced us to a world that will run with the Walking Dead.

Political wedge of the week. Justin should contrast Mr Harper's Rhetoric with reality but also put some price tags to the bullshit. Throwing money at the Ukraine is only a level above throwing money at Africa. The talking point all the MRE the US sent there recently are now for sale at the local market to the non connected. Justin should say we are going to take our 6 Billion a year aid budget and do some good. We are going to share embassy with Australia, we are going to admit dropping tears into a bucket is not a path to sustainability for either party. I am a plus fifty man. We have poured so many trillion dollars into the third world, but if I walk around there, its all sand. I feel sorry for the people who are really good and I will tell you, no one works harder than a poor person in Jamaica. All this money properly applied could do some real good.
The bottom line is that Canada is not a player and we should move our money accordingly.

If you are not watching it already check out Outlander. Its so well timed with the Scottish Ref that it can not be a co ink a dink.

On the Scottish ref I am all in yes. If the Scots had the self control Quebec has this would not have been an issue. I hate the anglo masters of the universe for fucking up our planet.

Rob Ford Doug Ford switcharoo. Thirty percent of the voting public
went along, its the stupid opinion
the right builds on

ISIS I maintain this is the greatest tail wagging the dog in History. Did you know the complete and I mean every single person now and forever of the White Hat Syrians was wiped out two days ago in a single explosion.
Do you think the funnel will lead to American boots on the ground? Ask Hillary. Hillary as president is Mitt Romney in drag.(that would make a great tweet)

We got Ebola. I wonder if this has been weaponized because this outbreak is different than the past thousand years, We got a vaccine that works but only have five vials. How convenient.

The Bees. Big arga in an ironic way as they depend upon pollination
are going nuclear at limits to their authority to disrupt the ecosystem
because science says there might be something there. Are our corporations really so stupid they do not recognize that every
time they challenge nature they lose. Worse still we have the blowback of all the compounds diffuse.

I am pissed off at cops I have never met
in the USA
good old boys taking my money
and then letting me move along. (goggle it CBC)

The Habs on paper have a fucking great team
I hope as usual I will not have to take that paper
roll it up
and smoke it
as a joint
to medically
alleviate my misery.

Thursday, 11 September 2014

leadership is a lie

Just saying
like the person that comes
to your door selling hydro
and expects you
know they know
more than me.

there is a filter
that lets the cream
rise to the top
think Justin Bieber
Paris Hilton and those
ever fantastic Kardashions

Jesus Christ in a Kitcheen

I am so sick of some tech person
trying to run my life

Its not me its you

Yep thats my internet experience. Competing against pussy video and just plain cat kitten  stills.  I can not mount the troops to be seen aas an alternative to just everything is swell.

How difficult can it be?

Look at the evidence!

The CIA last stand


Lego Legs Man

I have to conclude if he is not crazy he is innocent. Just another partitioned living in a Philip K Dick galaxy. No way he kills his girl, look at him weeping so much.
I gotta say as a man I might hit like Mr Rice, but taking out the glock
no way. Now I got to qualify that Rice statement.  I would never hit a women in general and especially my wife or female children. But like in the movies was there a chance that Ray had no other device to stop the cougar?

Supporting the three circles

Family, community, nation. Thats it
a military view of the world
things will collapse and
the last line of defense
is family

Nation has reached an expiry date. I should feel California from New York State. Well that a tribe so distorted it must create a superstate,

911 thirteen years later

We mourn with ISIS on the cake of deception. So now we are at war circa 1984.
Iran is now our ally. OK!
Could it be we had no enemy so one was invented for us. I notice it will be a long war.

Why is it if you want to buy a new capital tool one must be armed with 
a few gigabits of justification. However to fight terrorism one can get $5 billion on a napkin.

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Today I decided on the Internet I have no way forward this way

It means nothing to most anyone
but the few you
I am always grateful
could not of done much
if I was alone in 
my tribe
But to the author
I have to make
a better cake
cause no matter 
how hard i celibate
kids at college not
only do it better
but make more sincere

I will keep on plugging
to fill this blog with sunshine
but I now realize not many
will see the light.

So I will have to work
those other more 
difficult mediums.

The first will be music
and if forced upon me

Legitimate Crack Mayors

Lets say I am not from Toronto
and why should I care
that the mayor does crack

In fact he made the burg
more famous
and is that not
in our age?

Everything is advertising
but not product
and as the Texans
say this is all Hat
no cattle
but as GWB
has demonstrated
you can float
for along time
on this construct
build a big enough barge
and the nation will
fit upon the deck
and not go astray
when you
live live live live live
so large.

We are great apes
with billions of monkey
at our command
but you as a monkey
have to ask yourself
living under this command
do you see more bananas
or just anthrop tree dying

on command.

A three cylinder automotive engine

Blow me away! My readers need no more than that.

H/T Canadian Autos blog I read them every day

Lets all live forever on video on a rewindable life

My whole life on Video
what a waste of megapixels
do you really want every moment
open to criticism, comment or complaint
if we want to confirm we
all be sheeple
this is the biggest
tech that will lead
us to the steeple
and you can bet for
sure those with the cameras
will never reveal any
activity that makes
them look like
and asshand.

Resistance is useless

Today is massive slow down day. On nebulous issues like this 
its all just piss
into the wind.

On really important issues
is more of the same
just admit it people
we are collectively

We can get a million people together
to meet the pope
but when 
big decisons are being made
we could not fill
a backyard rink

Obama ISIS speech

Yes my man was reluctant at first to 
engage with an enemy so 
hard to disperse
but who got to him?

We are now fighting gangsters
for who knows how long
but five billion dollars
brings it all into
a blackwater perspective.

Hosed, Hosed Hosed
when will we hear
on the TV 
we are being hosed.

The CIA created Al Qudea
and the president declared they
where defeated
so where is the enemy
that a trillion dollar sword
per year
should swing?

Well we got ISIS so bad
the Al Queda were
sick abootit.