Friday, 19 September 2014

Scotland Votes NO!

The greatest thing about this whole exercise was that it was
democracy in motion. There is no doubt with  over 80% participation that the people have spoken. Its Pareto's law. At least there be justice in the decision.
The no side was forced at the last minute to make goverment more relevant.
Both sides can claim victory. Neither side can say the truth won out.

I was all for an independent Scotland but in my own self interest
I celebrate that the nationalists in Quebec will not gather much fuel
from this result. That is not to say that the Quebecois do not deserve their day. IMHO they are doing pretty well in control of their destiny. At least as well as one can be with  Harpies as a referees.

I can only hope in 2015 Canada is as engaged and thoughtful as the Scots where yesterday.

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