Saturday, 6 September 2014

People should keep their heads

ISIS is an illusion, its a massive fraud with only one purpose. To keep you afraid.
People are people and there are good and bad. There are very few bloodthirsty Islamic warriors in this world. Human nature is common sense, so when you see multiple beheading on the news, ask yourself does that make sense?

So ISIS is taunting the world. Really Napoleon Islamic brain. This people are insane,  really?

If you travel the world you will find one conclusion, basically people are all the same. The weird whipped up frenzy is played for us to make our fool play the game.

Sure people go to war for what I do not know? Its always about property and is there not a good real estate agent we could call to forestall.
War is about money and who has it and who owes it. War is the ultimate cramdown.

Not saying there are not things really worth fighting for. I the world today
I see not a single one that soft power could not contain. The military Industrial Complex is fighting to stay as the nominee power in the power game.

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