Saturday, 30 April 2022

The man in the High Castle

 History is no longer what we where, its what

we can push today, and forget yesterday

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Saturday, 16 April 2022

Mr Bojangles that you do not see no more

 I first heard my first step when

I was just about stepping about
and I like the sounds
so much I chased them all
my life
and for fucking sure
I could dance

Maybe not like 
a Kung Fu master
like Mr Ip
flying around
and making
us belive
their is more
to fighting
than mass
and speed

Its all right Administer. I am not bleeding I am unfolding

 When you have been in a manouver war for a thosand

years you learn somthing

in the world of real warefare a thousand years

is a relitavly minnor skrmish

what is going on today in Ukraine

is for sure a groteqe war


the only question

the only one

that can be


by only one


who won

and that will never

be decided in

a thoushand years

But I sift throug

the plowed feilds of lies

like we are going to have

nuclear war to protect

the world from 

unretouched photos

of the kardasians

So see how soft my first

thurst at truth was

I took on the Kardasions

and demolished

them like they were

strawwomen and men

and gloved

that dont fit

and reality TV

and Lenord Cohn

saying the rich have

their televisons

in the bedroom of the poor

where they distrubt the sleep

and advance the illussion

they are living in

paridse pariside

they call it paradise

I call it it war zone

whithout people in flak


they seem to think

they are protectetd


and no one will

hit the twin towers

and leave passports


and just

a joyride on the

roller coaster of the east india company

as they made Ghengis Chan look

like a a little dick from

the hmylaiamas

Today I got to say something

because I really dont know

how far the conflift in Uranie can go

Its IMHO my alleged crazy wonderful

and ill infomred opiin

that the SEE EYE AYE

have been placing war in the uKraiine

on the billiard table

thy call home

for at least two generations

and they have always said

this is a cluster fuck from

either side

but if you want to to do 

it you know one thing about\

human nature

a Nazi is easy

to program

and hard to kill

like Steven Seagal

the russian citizen

and action ster

that would bitch slap

the world into a new

orbit if it was needed

he was that kind of


Okay today in Ukraine

are there any good


Well what war is moral

if we used kilometers to judge that

between the poles you

have a fear

when the neighbours

start with a greeting

that say

Hey I blow you up

real good

then I let you 


So war is hell 

and people die

like firecrackers

in a war of atterllery shells

and its the same for every


and if you look back

to the great victories

of whatever land

that happened in the long

before time

you know we seemed to

have lost a lot

of bloodlust

and we can think this

is a good thing

except in the day

they would not show 

dead bodies on the news

because the sight of a dead

body drives everyone of a right

mind inti stage two

of hysteria

which is what the news

in war was intened for

because there are almost no

wars justified from the point

of living just free from harm

but if you want to talk about

another Nation just holding down 

your throat, just when you felt

you had invented something

so green it would not

even make the oil giants

the children metphoricly of'

the oli kind from before

they called out his

name once on the Flintstones

It was Rockerfeller, can yoou

imagine in the dinisoura age

cosnidering stone was curranty

and they had no bit coin

or NFT of the first Rocckerfella encased in the stone

comming forwar a thousand years later

int the middle of an impeachment trail about

infuneces from the past

like Ulga from private school was KGB

and she collected your DNA

and it made yuou smile.

I got a direction

and its the most important one

it to make the tribe thrive

and maybe make the stars some day

maybe I played a lost of civlization in my day

or my VHS got stuck on star trek

and I belive the prime directive in in the contituiot

like what if this was Code from Perrie Elloit Trudeau

to his Son Justin, it said just buy the damm


BM the PM sold the county for pennies and

we are stupid enough to belive getting nickels

is a 5 hundred percent raise,

ho ho infaltion not in my bitcoin

Russia will crush the fuck out of Ukrainie

and I hate to see those people die

yet I allegedge my judgmnent

of all the facts is that

people who speak wit two tonques

are at war

and the nedium that captures that speak

best if a friend to the speaker

and so I say

big fucking lies all the way

First in my therorietal houmbl 

reatared viwe

is that the USA deep state 

which wanted for some crazy

reason to stop the Nordstreem 

pipeline at all costs

now I dont know how much put

they pu on their gamble

Puty Put

but they put a bunble

enogh to consider thermo nuclear war

and for those of you who have fought

many a war

and for those of you who have

doged bullets and lived

a thermonuclear war is not

a war that anyone can win

so if it is a sucidie

why, what was so horrible we had to kell the plante to live

CHanges if as it on the Ziggy Stardust instructuail


I am not a Toronto Tonto

just a Patio Lanteerns Joke

dont know maybe it was a songabout druck driving

and the laterns lit for the dead

I dont know




no one left to testify

Wednesday, 13 April 2022

Racoon City is real

 How did that Ukranian born actress

know what was 30 meters below the steel works

and make 7 movies about it.

Saturday, 2 April 2022

Like George Micheals playing during a bench clearing brawl

 That is exactly where

we sit today because

its like a history book

written by a 3rd tier

bearcat who has

an amazing


Russia and Ukraine

in my lens is some kind of

Fuedel civil war

I think anyone

with an eye to history

would agree

its not a good idea

to poke the bears

if the guy who gave you

the stike can run faster

no matter how

the green

screen refects 

what happened

and how many aliesn walk

amogst us like James T Kirk

stealing your girlfiend with the promise

of unlimited zero G

NATO has been poking the bear

real hard since 2014

and one could argue

broke the promise of no NATO

on the borders of Russia

Today we have death

death and more death

and Russia will prevail

whatever kind of phyric victory

it will be for generations