Monday, 24 December 2018

So Alone

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I have been following American Politics
since the JFK assassination where I was
6 years old.

Never have I seen the planet lined up
against a President like Trump
he is home alone.

Blame it on Rio

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Blame it on Rio
or maybe the Philippines
but the latest fashion
is to give the cops
a licence to kill
Dredd Style

It sure is sci fi
and after the 128
have pierced the
ground with
high speed
the guerrillas
will take to the sky
and before you
can say de stabilized 
Brazil will be
on its knees
there has to be a
better way
to make
the world safe
after all what would the
statue of Jesus say?
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Sunday, 23 December 2018

Meet the New Sec of World Defense.

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The military industrial complex to say the least
gave a hearty endorsement.

Patrick M. Shanahan became the 33rd Deputy Secretary of Defense on July 19, 2017. Mr. Shanahan most recently served as Boeing senior vice president, Supply Chain & Operations. A Washington state native, Mr. Shanahan joined Boeing in 1986 and spent over three decades with the company. He previously worked as senior vice president of Commercial Airplane Programs, managing profit and loss for the 737, 747, 767, 777 and 787 programs and the operations at Boeing's principal manufacturing sites; as vice president and general manager of the 787 Dreamliner, leading the program during a critical development period; as vice president and general manager of Boeing Missile Defense Systems, overseeing the Ground-based Midcourse Defense system, Airborne Laser and Advanced Tactical Laser; and as vice president and general manager of Boeing Rotorcraft Systems, overseeing the Apache, Chinook and Osprey. He previously held leadership positions on the 757 program, 767 program and in the fabrication division. Mr. Shanahan is a Royal Aeronautical Society Fellow, Society of Manufacturing Engineers Fellow and American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Associate Fellow. He served as a regent at the University of Washington for over five years. Mr. Shanahan holds a Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington and two advanced degrees from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology: a Master of Science degree in mechanical engineering, and an MBA from MIT’s Sloan School of Management.

This could be a great pic for  the Sec of defense. Space is the ultimate high ground. If we ever get into a conflict with the moon or  Mars all they need to do is launch rocks at us. The fact that John McCain did not like him is very positive.  People with advanced degrees make me comfortable, people that did not finish high school or have a high school degree in top goverment jobs make me uneasy.

Saturday, 22 December 2018

Snowmexicant Trump Total Chaos Edition

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Keeping up with the Donald
is like a pro sport
things happen fast
and furious and really
only those with instinct
can play

The pull of out Syria
on the face is just
what Trump has been saying
since the primaries
but he has flipped and flopped
more times than a poorly hooked

This time is it just a ploy
to eliminate legal troubles
he will trade another flop for a clean 

Does he want to subcontract war
to Blackwater and has a piece
of the pie
or is he genuinely tired of the Hypocrisy
of supporting and fighting ISIS 
at the same time?

The deep state is in full panic
CNN is flashing red lights
for 911
everyone is rhetoric def con 6

Saturday, 15 December 2018

Connect the dots to see why your living in shit (all relative) 1st world stink

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So many stories so little time
to dissect them and have 
a proper post mortem

lets start in Alberta
where the Premier
is calling for more
refinery to make
the tar sands
into a proper
consumer consumable

Instantly the hounds
strike back with total
the market needs
no more refined product
they just need muck
and lots of it
so what will the do 
with this muck?
well refine it

So we take x numbers of tons
of muck and send it over
over capicity
to others who pay
us half the going

Instead of making the end
product and shipping it 
to the consumer. 
I am pulling this out
of the the air
but we could send 
ten times easy 
more gasoline
over the same pipeline
as Dilbert. We would receive
world price for the gasoline
as opposed to 40% for Dilbert
in fact what the Oil GODs
are demanding is more
Dilbert so they can 
cash in.

Second story 
the FORD goverment
loves Travner so long time
Why does the FORD goverment
have to find this 72 year old
a high paying job?

Third is why 
Canada does not
build its own fighter plane
we need to get to 4% defence
why not, maybe we can export it
to Saudia Arabia when we are done

Fourth the stink of Huwawie
this is all about telecoms
and nothing about
the rule of law
shame shame shame

The Arrow Should fly

It would be cheaper and better than the F35. Be sure to watch all the episodes.

Sunday, 9 December 2018

US Sniper vs Russian Sniper Tactics and Weapons

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A great facts only video about how snipers shape modern conventional warfare. I read both South Front and Debka daily. Between the two the truth is often squeezed out. If you want to hear the message the US state dept is messaging read Debka for the unfiltered version. South Front obviously takes the opposite side.

Shaping the battlefield with Conspriracy Theories

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"Despite being pushed off the official agenda, QAnon remained a fixation of many conference attendees. Even Trump’s former White House communications director praised the preposterous theory, which holds that special counsel Robert Mueller and Trump, working together in secret, have drawn up 50,000 sealed indictments of powerful pedophiles in order to thwart a deep state coup by Soros, the Clintons and former President Barack Obama."

I love conspiracy theory's. Perhaps the oldest one is the resurrection of Jesus. On that history I am a truther. The term conspiracy theory really came into vogue with the assassination of JFK. To counter the questioning of the official narrative the CIA re invented the term with modern marketing methods and spread even more outlandish theories to create intellectual chaos that would prevent any one theory from solidifying into fact.

When you hear about Sandy Hook, man not landing on the moon, or even the flat earth the origin of such thought is likely official. Ever wonder who run Beyond Top Secret, its no secret. Snopes is the truth right!

We have reached the point where this tactic can be used on offence. For example global warming which is as scientific a fact as gravity can be dismissed as a socialist plot.
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Razer Mouse Pad

For the first time ever I bought a mouse pad. I was shocked to see how much better my mouse tracked, half the movement of my mouse screen edge to screen edge.  Its so thin it barely makes a bump on the desk. The backing is a non sticky gripper of some alien design that will hold it firmly in place, but not mar the furniture. I bought two last week, loved it so much I got one for work. Both were $9.99. Got them just in time I guess.

Razer is another brand I trust in electronics, along with SONY, Paradigm, NAD, ASUS, CORSAIR and Huawie.

Saturday, 8 December 2018

Thursday, 6 December 2018

You really want to defend your Country

Be like Switzerland
anyone come across
the border
air or land
is toast

If they really want
it Nukes come out
same for every country
so why do we pretend
so much

Littlefinger reacts to the Huawie arrest

We live in a Game of Thrones world
and reality is faster than JJ Martians

The CFO princess
of China company Huawie
was arrested in Canada today
so Canadians have a big dog
in this hunt. More than the fact
they monopolize Coaches Corner

Why do we have
a big Huawie for Huawie
well it all goes back
to Northern Telecom
which was bankrupted
under the Management
of an American
and Cisco soared
like bad Karma
its Huawie that
might put Cisco
into the dustbin of 

For sure the Telecom
industry is one
like no other
when it comes
to eavesdropping
its universal
and irresistible

So the US Senate
likely knowing
just how effective
telecom snooping
is says no
to Huawie

There is something
called the five eyes
and it predates
Game of Thrones
it is the intelligence
sharing apparatus
that NZ, AU, CND,
US, GB made

Sometimes its accused
of skirting the laws of
domestic spying
because if one
Eye spy's on another
its not illegal

Nevertheless four of 
the five eyes have
said Huawie is a security
risk in the 5 G arena
this is the internet of

So its no coincedece
when the US decided
the Chinese Princess should
be arrested it happens in Canada

What this is is a red line
on who can spy on Canadians
free of Charter of Rights

Saturday, 1 December 2018

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