Saturday, 28 May 2022

So long so few and dont forget its a new century

  Ukraine the blue sky

and the See Eye A

which is just a front

for the City

The City that

has run the world

for decades

and centur ties

with zero opposition

thats brilliant

against even

the folksy military

wisdom that has

not changed

in several thousad


when it comes to

killing everthing

defined by the misson

with love

Rare in the 2----ex[ressomg a opompm tjat would last longer than a small take out coffe


Playing CHICKEN 


and it tastes

so gooof

it is like

one of my faviorte


I eat it often

as I can

I can reccomm4ed

M&M  feel your frezzer

like it the machine thatsis keeping

you feed

feed well

in a wheat shortage

and you 

I am back like a lawyer I had on a divoice 5 wives ago. He keeps getting Cherries and you know what I respect his smarts


So lets go to the video game of

real time

called Ukranie

the Russieks are fighting

thier brothers because

we want a  busineess jet

In Ukraine the leader who

played panio with his penis

to establish his gravitates

with the people who

give in billions

with few strings attached

no matter how riske

Sam Whiskey

Sam Whiskey

was played by Burt Renoylds

long before the hairy chest

was iisane, like Janes Addic6inm

now I am off the the thread

and cant find the needle

and even if I did

I could not detrime

the exact djimemson s

of the thread

to hit artilliary

that had been grown

with the same softwar

as if your cell phone

would be targetting

the terrorist

who walk amongst us

and the millions

of people overseas

who hate America

and you got to wonder


because until JFK lost

his head there

was a fealing

we could just do the right

thing instead

of giving money

to stupid people

with a lot of 


Sunday, 15 May 2022

Need to go pee

 Every day we get the news

and we are glad its not

about us but

it is as a collective

and when do we provide

for any of our policies

or wars or proxy stuff

the need to go pee

no matter what sex you

are somwhere down

the road you need

to pee

and is that 

a weak po8tnt

why we fight


It seems to me its mostly

aboot money

the easiest way to make

money is to have a funnel

that can handle all that cash


The Leaf lose again

 I have to be honest

I am a habs fan for more decades

than most poeple have had a telephone

land line or handy

Last year I can coast on

that for at least ten years

before I start saying

we gotta win the cup now

the leaf

its sorry bell rodgers center world

cracking because of the clowns you hired

and I will say that is unfair

Toronto and Dubass built a very good team

the management team should not suffer

the coach should not suffetr

the players should not


the zamboni driver

will not be happy.

I am going to blow your mind here, so just backup yourself

 What I said 6 years ago.

Blows my mind, I want someone to give me a million dollars right now for writing that.

True Dat

 Well that sums up the world

a call sign that captures

the chaos of what we have


we made our best

and if you dig down real

hard it could be a lot lot better

especially when it comes to land

no more sell govemernt lease

this stops dysansty at the bud

bud nipping is always


than dealing with the rooot

Saturday, 14 May 2022

Its Saturday Night and we all know aboot the fighting


Its 2022 and for me thats

living way into the future

and we still dont have

a decent flying car

and I am dissappointed

and then there is war

and the rumours of war

and conflict

and people screaming to 

be heard about

every point of human

life and emotions

and facts

and the space

they occupy

when the money

train rolls


rolls pie

like a pie in the ske

pays off

but not for you

its traveling down

that train track you adore

the go line that gos

from zero to to five an dime

and never is faster than

a car in a horserace

and this is horsehshit

from Oakville to Union

should be 15 min flight

on a modern train

and the fastest car

going on all open

lanes would still

win if piloted

by the future


king Kid KLda King 

no more

no more

will we

take the lack

of housing

as a natural


Singapore Housing

Singapore Housing

we could do it ten times better

simply because

Singapore is like bitcoin

mostly occupier

and I will always

have a deep admiration

for Lee Kwan Yew

I hope I spelled his name right


tonight in Ukraine

the lights are shaken

and nations are going

to be forsaken

and we all wonder why

and its not just Ukraine

indeed there are so many 

places and so many


its like

what is it about living

we can not decide

that we are willing

to fight to the death

for something

we call home

Friday, 13 May 2022

Monday, 9 May 2022

Whose Future Whose Downfall

 Well I predict the Russkies will clean up

Donbass real good in a few weeks

and take out in cauldrons dead or alive

100,000 poor souls who were not civilianx

and yes many civilians will die

because Ukranies fight like ISIS

put firing position in hospitals schools

and kindergarten

hold civilians as human sheilds

its is disgusting

and I hope its not true

but a great recokongin

is comming for the west/

Saturday, 7 May 2022

The future

 The future is here right now

and it is terrfiing and satisfying

and it one bow

which will break

god only knows

The war in Ukraine is

a battle for the future

which no one needed

the Russian system

VS the West

it was dead

but if you want

kinetic energy

it may turn out


Sunday, 1 May 2022

Nuclear war and the alternatives not considered


We are in full combat with Russia in Ukraine

and it looks to me the Russkies are

winning big time

so what happens

when two great powers

fight and one is losing

they pull the knife

out of the sleeve and

slash without remorse

the knife that will fall

if Russia does

not conquer Ukrnien

will be made

of many tons

of Ukranium

and taken centeries

of human knowledge to 

create and only one or two

people deciding we should

go back a hundred thousand years

or maybe never recover

and the earth would be a giant

Zoo and teh elephants wood

do what they want.