Tuesday, 28 February 2017

The only institution thriving today is Corruption

Reactionary World is scaring the shit out of me

This guy makes Trump look like Ghandi

Reactionary world is everywhere
and its every right wing fantasy
suddenly and alarmingly

The President of the Pinoy
freely admits to murder
and the USA
with global decay

Everybody is digging trenches
and making walls instead
of preparing for the
overhaul of everything
that we should leave behind
and we make a common rail
for humankind
cause we got the money
we got the cash
we have the technology
all we have to do 
is break in and
steal the 1% 

P.S what a surprise Pike is a Confederate Iconoclast. I had never heard of him before I googled to find an image to fit reactionary.

Monday, 27 February 2017

SnowMexicant Daily Diary Pentagon Famine Edition

If you do a google search the numbers are years behind, but imagine this was before 911

The US military is starved for funds
but like Paul Revere
with a jet
Donald Trump
will fix that
universal slush fund
that made with 
all its wisdom
the F35
and swears
its better
at ground support
than the

And who you going to believe
the dead soldiers
who got a catch 22
share of  Lockheed Martin
or the lack of the plane
flying in the skies

For the US industrial Military Complex
to receive an historical boost of 54 Billion dollars
is historical
even Reagen
would not have pushed the bar
that high

So you wanna know why
its pretty simple
preventing assassination
the man is not going to kill
Trump for putting more
heroin into the bloodstream
they will take juice all day
24/7 without regard where
it comes from and
for what purpose
that's when everyone at
the table takes off 
on their private jet
and leaves
because the big questions
are not important
as GW Bush revealed
in the end as history
records we
are all dead

Could be some programming
has gone wrong
and the company man
is singing the wrong
but try and change
that tune and if you
touch the controls
they will fry 
with prejudice
and absolute
not to mention
legal immunity

So as discussed above
Trump negotiated a deal 
to live
the taste
only $54 billion
a year
and who says
he is not a great 
biz man

Trump is the king
of all the modern
world wants to 
give us thinking
he studied under
Timothy Leery
and I bet he did 
some speed
in between
and now that he
is old
we get that
its almost like
the famous
blue raincoat
is prescient

Bottom line Mr Trump
the raincoat for the 
United States
is already tremendous
and may I suggest
we change the name
to Trump Protection
because nothing
will penetrate
our defenses
we are safe
and the only problem
is in the colonies or 
as the miltiary industrial complex
calls them the hotspots
that have not Black Sails
like surrendered
everything to 
be a part of the dream
and its not American
no it British and it old
and it goes back
to trying to repeal
the Managa Carta

Thursday, 23 February 2017

When questionable ideology goes batshit crazy

Private Prisons- see Orange is the new Black. We enter a new old 18th century era at the Justice Dept, good luck with that Mr Sessions.

Hard man

I was a hard man
with a mind
all alone
and you
melted me
now I cant 
think less
than a
always reporting
to you
never leaving the authourity
that was given
by the power
of the state
to give out
wi fi

Its all about the Energy

The ten commandments 
are in situ commendable
for how can we live as
species if our number one
goal was killing everyone
who was not under our control

Its 2017 and everyone knows
natural law was a bust
that God did not speak
to one single individual
from every religion
and exclude the rest
from this most important

New laws for a new
time and our 
sheriff is a pyscist
who understand the
laws of thermodynamics
this is Gods thumbprint
on the security measure
made to prevent
crazy people 
from living

Transaction costs
they consume most 
of the energy from
any transformation
be it solid to liquid
or liquid to gas
there is energy
everywhere never
consumed just
changing like
David Bowie
killing Kieth Moon
and keeping 
Kieth Richards
alive forever

We need a new Opec
a world ruled
by thermodynamic logic
not oily politicians
I do not trust one
human one vote
because I have know
many dogs
that make better
decisions than
never forget
about the elephants

Surrender to science
and have orgasms
on demand
because that
is science
its Pavlov's
not radioactive
hiding in Fukashimas
olive Sky's
and burned out 
and massive
die off
that cant
be controlled


Its getting late
really late
and things 
are heating
up and I cant 
sleep so I am wandering
around in the fog
and I bump into your doorstep
and ring the bell
and the prompt comes
and I cant remember 
any words that were so 
clear in my head
just moments ago
I just mumble
and say
worms Roxanne Worms
and that not your name
and you dont even
what a mystery night
what a dish
what a discovery
I can mumble and not
remember the last 
thought that ran 
through my head
but you can translate
it effectivly enough
to end up in my
bed forever
and never mind
the interference
the love crystal
is IMF free
there is no
economic reason
no invisible hand
just cupids arrow
striking two hearts
with trajectory that
would make the
American Sniper

Sunday, 19 February 2017

Zombie Kit Extreme

The Pioneer Airbow will revolutionise the Zombie Apocalypse. Its an air powered crossbow firing 26 inch bolts at 450fps. (the fastest crossbow is 440fps) The air bladder can fire 8 bolts before its needs a refill. It can be refilled with a handpump or a handy pressurised cylinder.

Would it be bad form to suggest the arrow be modified to create a flying bangstick?

Weight 7.5 pounds, cost $700 US.

Prepperationist everywhere are drooling.

Friday, 17 February 2017

Double Tap

Double Tap
its killing women
and chidren
for the cause
its making sure
the problem
is not the cause
we know live
in a place
where the children
double tap

The big one

We are all ants
who is the farmer?

Insect slave and master
and how are
we differant?

Thank Google
I did a
search and
I cant understand
but it looks
like ant slaves

Facebook is the iceberg humanity hit when it had a failure to communicate

get off Facebook now
if you want to remain
its high school
and even those
that win
lose in that game

Its civilization the game by Sid Mier 
in real life
totally adddicative
and neverending
even when 
you get to 
Alpha Centruri

Why Trump does not fear assasination

Well he is old as fuck and really who cares
second he has kevlar hair
no bullet going part

Trumpis getting huge pushback from 
the Industrial Industrial complex
maybe  he does not like
he wants cash in hand

Thursday, 16 February 2017

We need a better alternative to democracy

Winston Churchill the celebrated 
inventer of war crimes
sated in very succict
oxford language
that democracy
was a horrible thing
but the best monster
to have in the closet
should one ever
want to apply it

I propose to let the children
because from the mouths
of babes
comes wisdom
yes they will be able
to decide between
clean coal
and full

Lets look at
two pungent
and I could go 
on and on
with proof
of fact
that civilisation 
that has stopped development
at kindergarten
would be better served
being rules by a
kindergarten class

The best policy decisions should be made my a kindergarten class in a referendum. Should we have chocolate highways, yes of course so lets have Gay Marriage. Are golden showers rewarding, Yes so lets make peace with Russia. 

Monday, 13 February 2017

Advanced Nation Fails

Its fuzzy just like the reason
Japan the nation can 
continue to finance 
despite being 200%
in debt
or are they just that
advanced in everything

I love Japan spent years there
living in the future
and now I see
it going very bad
to close to the sun
should have changed
that flag

Civilizations are always about infrastructure

Its about making 
every public
square bullet proof
and now in America
there are signs that
everyone should be 
very afraid
be afraid
very afraid
Neagan is
just waiting with
his bat for a dam
to fail

the North Orville 
dam fail it would
be epic
history repeating itself
so to speak
Mr Mulholand
made the same 

A bad dam
washed him away
and its iconic
and water
is history
and now
we are all
facing flooding
and heat
and melting
and global
and if anyone 
every has anything
to say the will
find it was definitly
poor planning

One for all and all for one

Square Bob Economics is just as valid as Square

Its what is the best way to spread the wealth around
the big lie is meritocracy
so lets try something else
a gentle controlled 
where the capitalists
can battle for the top 
but at the bottom 
we are all equal

I dont know how much it
costs to live a good
in my country Canada
I would say for a couple
around a hundred
so lets make a universal
wage of
$50,000 for every
and my friends
its cheaper than building prisons
hiring police
and bombing foreign nations
cause who is going to invade
your country to capture
a society of contented beasts>

More Songs about Sailboats and Safety

There are a million ways to die at sea
an expotential factor in the air
and now add another layer
if you are walking the earth
in many lands

A sailboat has a big davey
jones locker
called a keel
it counters the wind
with an equal reaction
to prevent some heel
from making 
things totally

Of all the things that 
can kill a sailboat
the one that is not
that I fear the most
is a lighting strike

But carbon fiber is
a heel cure
and we should use
it in every mast
and every cable if
we want form
to fallow function

The solution is an aluminum
hat on the mast with
superconducting cables
going to ground
make it so
number one

If you see a pretty picture
of a sailboat its an 
uncluttered reality '
of a working boat
blue water

Everybody puts up 
that plastic netting
to prevent from
being swept overboard
the problem being
its construction
looks like a two 
year old making a
fence with 
safety siccorss
lets sell some custom made
stuf with velcro straps

Eldon Musk is making
solar shingles
hey boy
how about a solar deck

Sail on silver bird
sail on alu
your time has come
all ships
sail like you

Saturday, 11 February 2017

No human news for at least six months

If you enjoy watching reality tv keep watching 
but there is no there there
time will tell
and the truth
through actions
and not words
will be revealed
IMHO Trump
is playing a giant ponzi
and you watching
gives him results

Cant afford a house in Vancouver, or Toronto

L:ook no Farther

Justin balls in your court!!

SnowMexicant Daily Diary Winterheat editon

Despite the fact there is no global warming it will be 85 degrees in Oklamoma in Feb. What has happened is that Trump has banned all Mexicans so in revenge the Mexicans have sent hot weather invaders of air. Hot air which is the primary Trump pump.

Lots of chop on the surface but beneath the waves total stealth. Its Jaws for the nation and there will be blood.

And for the west coast of North America you have to seriously wonder if Fukishima is an extinction event?

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

God does not do anal

It dont matter what God you
want to give a blow job
its all the same
for everyone
when it comes
we all want

How fucking stupid am I and all the Shepple

Fukishima is threating global destruction or at least three eyed
or humans or what we will become
because that mutherfuckre \\
is going to fuck us all
and no one
seems to car

All those that are sane are just the same

It dont matter what God you
want to give a blow job
its all the same
for everyone
when it comes
we all want

How fucked are we?

We got a stream of totally toxic shit
going 24/7 and I am not
talking about CNN
or Donald Trump

Fukushima is like a zit
on the world that
will become a boil
and we just say
while it kills the planet
but that is not possible
because God
loves us so
much we could
never destroy
our nest

Two Dominos left to fall

Saudia Arabia and Iran
both evil empires
by any description
both family
so lets see
who commits

Its about the Nickel and soon to be the cent

ig numbers big dat
are icomprehsnisbel
to everyone
does anyone
really know
what these big
numbers mean
I dont think so

But someday
with a lotta
cash someone
will figure out
the secret to everything
and then society will crash
because if you are not in the
your surplus
and that
does not make
for a great familyu

Figuring out the big Nickel is like climbing the
wall of
Everest with no oxygen
its something I could
not do if I was human
so lets apply that to
life on a speaking tour

The big Nickel was
mined from a meteor hit
in Northern Ontario
and its a wonderful
If sentient beings
planned that strike
a billon years ago
I expect they
would be disappointed
with the outcome

Monday, 6 February 2017

CVjpl;oefd ot ist CHOOlate

wnhen th ppumps fail

Dont matter if the cat is black or white

Yep its the output of all the transactions costs
that would fill even Adam Smiths world
with joy
although I never knew her
and have no right to say
Anyn Rynd believed
in wage slavery
which is slavery
with a paychek

We got people
yep people
and we like to 
and fuck
and get high
and do everthing
that make
the world spin
and we cant 
be stopped
by facebook
revealing all our
we are humans
and we lie
to survieve

Calling all History Majors we are now first at the post

the end of history
is not nigh
in fact the rebels
have really strongly
fought back
using methods
and sources
totally medieval
the masters of the universe
appear to have won
the world that
was once
considered a 
safe place

The masters of universe
live a life of debauchery
and think the moral high
ground is a place
for idiots to die
on a hill
of their own
mind control
and you 
should hear
them laugh
every time
another progressive
leader falls into 
a centuries old
well developed
totally flawless
human nature

The Bosss sang it simply
and his voice
is true
no need to have Elvis
he revealed the great
game is a tweet
all men want to be rich
rich men want to be king
the king is never satisfied
until he rules ever thing
Yeah all men are hopeless
silver backs and that the truth
so if we want civilisation
we need to put some concrete
hair dye for men 
for that

As far as I know 
Steve Bannon is not a History major
although its seems the understanding
history is his power

Don't doubt people like
him and they are always
smart and accomplished
never satisfied
always looking for the next
not realising the world
due to physics
not a spin
at the wheel 
of fortune

Have you ever seen 
the transformation
of a normal person 
into someone who is
they start to believe all
kinds of Tony Robbins
and in the end
are superhuman
until the end

Well boys and girls
thanks to Howard Hughes
and his spruce goose
we may be immortal
if you can afford the treatment
its all about telemarines
which are like seal team 
six on ageing
in your bloodstream

So what we need right
now is every history 
major or even big\
game players on the street
with videos of
call of duty
and Dead Island
to convince the general
populace that when
the masters of the universe
its the devil talking
and my Cadillac
needs new horns.


Self the solution Self the revolution
is coming there is no escape
we have forces of the universe
and forces of the masters of the universe
and they are going to collide
in a big bang
and only the prepared
will survive
know thyself
Doctor Heal
or the world
will not arrive
in the future
and never 
driving a flying
would make
my bucket
list hell

Thursday, 2 February 2017

No matter what measure you use
a simple cloth tape
a metal retractable one
that looks so cool
or a laser beam
that in scientific
terms of measurement
is a real tool
the overall dimension
is always going to be
who calibrates the
system that prints
out or streams
the outcome
cause believe me
tools lie

Economics is the prime mover
cause they took away the Central
principal from religion
and thats why
we have so much trouble
with Muslims
can their economic system was
a gift from God
while Christians only got
Jesus and he could not even
trade for 40 years doing
something in the desert
worse still when he came
back he did not sell
a Bible about how to 
live in the desert for
extent ed times
with only cloth robes

So here we are on a scientific 
ship moving at high speed
but like the biggest ship
taking eons to turn around
when we found with 
completely objective sensors
that things in the engine room
are going to void the warranty

Now we can count on the lawyers
to say that no one defined
exactly what the concentration
of CO2 should be to make
humankind live in a good 
and its racist to 
prevent coal
from making engorge
just because its black

Racists like green energy
cause they have a fetish
for Olive skin partners
or the extremists
who want to fuck
star trek
totally green

Green Women
I have seen a few
and mermaids as well
but they looked like
dolphins so it proves
making big decisions
you better know
which water
comes from
which well

I see you
You see me
there is no dust
upon the horizon
no algae on the water
and we make fire
just being together
thats the past
we all share
that was lost
cause we dont
need no badges
no distraction
to all be happy
and thats Gods
gift to everything
a smile
a joke
a puzzle
a place
for every
of evry folk