Thursday, 30 January 2014

Natural Gas Prices

They can no longer be natural. Put on the tinfoil if you must, but those safe behind the waves of reality distortion see what was once an option now has become a must.

Glory Road

There is so much money invested every day in entertainment trash. The key to making profits is a good story. You can put great actors into a bad place and lose a lot of money. You can put unknown actors into a great story and make superstars.
If I had a million dollars this is the story I would tell.

Old in your face

Some things just shout out to your perfectly toned body and mind, slathered with wrinkle cream and mind exercises that your getting old. We are living in the future today, but like everyone else I already knew that yesterday.

A hardy shout out to Southern Man and Oldphartte. In particular Oldphartte is like my version of the Drudge Report.

Trance music gets real old with me real quick, but sample this.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

When Starbuck met 29

I am singing that love song again
You know my belle
I would change the universe
on its axis
making positive negative
and gravity just a
talking point thing
If I could capture
your heart again
and feel your
angel pulse beating against
my soul as well
together not quite sweaty
Some kind of glistening
 I will always remember
your skin
Not meeting the threshold of wet
no a magical kind of moist
a mucous layer of love conformation
yet not by any means dry
It was some kind of CGI anomaly
that I saw with my loving eye.

Who do! Who do you want?
Who knows what the future brings
Who does I have to conceive
Like Jesus
to make you want to believe
That all my many bad decisions
were all given to make
the humanity succeed
but my goal was always
to give you more than I receive
I want you
cause my religion and resurrection
would be hell
if I was not putting
my mind into
yours as well
So BSG like
Starbuck arriving
on ancient earth
and not feeling well
she apparently went
to heaven
but me and my blu ray
went to hell.

Look out my Window and what do you see?

War is a racket

Major General Smedley Butler and Dwight Eisenhower would know
Modern War is a racket
A great game
played by Darwinian winning dogs of men
who history has proven
are psychopaths
totally clinically insane

As you often point out on your blog
you do not have to be George Orwell to suspect
the military industrial complex has only one market to protect
Unnatural death from above
or below
or by any means met
as long as it needs
the support of high tech.

Cop Watch

Who will watch the watchmen? I have the greatest respect for the Police. They do a difficult dangerous job on societies behalf. In fact you can say that a society is increasingly only as good as its police force. 

There is a sad development in North American society, people have lost respect for the police in big and small ways. The big way is that perps no longer respect the badge. When I grew up when the Police told you to do something, you did it no questions asked. Today I think many citizens see the Police as some kind of occupying force, not here to serve and protect. The police have become heavily militarized, and with every arrest the potential is there to find a nail to be hammered down.  

Apps Like Cop Watch Toronto are filling the vacuum. They should not be necessary but they are. Police should have shoulder cameras, cameras should be doing traffic enforcement, and pot should be legal. These three things would do wonders to take the chip off the Cops shoulder.

Monday, 27 January 2014

Walking Dead Season 4 preview

Wow, it looks fantastic. Can not wait.

Not an Economist, not a Statesman, Not to be believed!

(story behind picture, lots of Strauss)
If Strauss and Rand begot Manning, Manning and Cheney begot Steve

Guess who? Okay its Harper. I can not say it any better than it has already been said.

Illuminati Motor Works

This X prize competitor did not win the ten million dollar prize, but just for the name alone they struck gold with me. What a lovely back story behind this carbon fiber tail. I am only disappointed by the lack of tinfoil. 

Based upon my rough calculations about the dismal economic efficiency of the Canadian Oil Sands passenger fuel I have come to two conclusions about future automobiles. 

They will be all tad pole shaped. I designed in my mind a inflatable profile that would inflate to full tadpole at speed and retract around town. Today's cars have tons of co efficient to consume before they fill the streets with diminishing returns.

They will be powered by electricity. Whether it come from batteries, fuel cells or good old internal combustion.

H/T Gizmodo

Fukushima and Global Warming Science

I maintain that there is a cause and effect relationship that can not be denied. The burning of fossil fuels creates CO2 gas which is absorbed by the atmosphere. The amount of CO2 in the atmosphere can be measured. The amount in the atmosphere today is the highest in hundreds of thousands of years. The effect is global warming.

Fukushima Nuclear Disaster evidence is cloudy. I have no  clear idea if it is more serious than the damage caused by atmospheric Atomic Bond testing, or less serious than Chernobyl. I suspect it is much worse than both combined. Is there enough radiation leaking into the Pacific Ocean to cause serious harm? I read the ocean is so vast that a little reactor or two could not possibly cause problems. This is the global warming denier argument. But ponder why reports of radiation levels 500% more than normal background have allegedly been seen in California? Measuring radiation and using that number to predict a health outcome is more confusing than the telephone bill, why is that?

Got Assets?

Chances are the gummit is busy planning to take a quarter of them. It may be the easiest way out of the corner the world has painted itself into. Smartest thing you can do is reduce your expenditures now. Buy a car with the lowest operating cost practical. Get as far off the grid as reasonable. Silver coins in your stash are going to be worth more than dividend stocks in the goverment cross hairs.

Worldwide Pedophilia Conspiracy?

There is more and more evidence something is seriously amiss. There are truths revealing themselves.

The Earth Channel

Coming real soon a live continuous HD stream of Earth from the International Space Station. Ho-ray after $300 Billion they have finally found a use for the Space Station. The worlds most expensive camera mount. Maybe its appropriate because the cameras cost $17 million each. Space junk does not come cheap.

Saturday, 25 January 2014

One hour and thirty minutes with Ziggy Stardust

CBC rules

H/T to Gizmodo

GMO Free Canada needs your Help

So Help yourself by reading this blog by Stranger in a Strange Land. Wonder if he is a Heinlein fan, a citizen of the galaxy who has a space suit and will travel like myself.

“A human being should be able to change a diaper, plan an invasion, butcher a hog, conn a ship, design a building, write a sonnet, balance accounts, build a wall, set a bone, comfort the dying, take orders, give orders, cooperate, act alone, solve equations, analyze a new problem, pitch manure, program a computer, cook a tasty meal, fight efficiently, die gallantly. Specialization is for insects.”
 We are all three missed meals from anarchy, so never forget national security starts with food security.

Canada's Foreign Aid Container

I was just adding up the hundreds of millions of dollars in Aid Dollars Harper has promised in the past week alone. How much of this will get to the people that need it? How much of it will prop up governments that are illegitimate. How much is part of making a neo con world?

Canada spends roughly Six Billion a year of foreign aid. IMHO we are not seeing much for it, maybe Switzerland could give us a better picture. Therefore I would switch all of our aid to something concrete. 

Shipping container housing is my idea of making life better for the downtrodden world, and that includes Canadian Natives. A specification for tropical, temperate and northern climates is opened for tender from Canadian companies using Canadian technology and Canadian business. These container would be stuffed full of solar panels, composting toilets, water filtration systems and Canadian Food, especially canned peaches. A forty foot shipping container cost a few thousand dollars, assume the whole package costs $50,000. Thats 120,000 homes a year from Canada to the world.

This would kill two birds with one stone, ensure people who need help got something, and Canadian resources would reward Canadian Business.

Falling Skies

I have been thinking aboot the relative decline of the human condition since 911. Everything wrong in todays world can be traced back to the idelogical incompetence of the Bush Administration. Yes they ruthlessly accomplished the Conservative Mission, thus proving how suicidal the plan really was. Now nihilism has replaced our former optimism. We desperately need to switch our culture from a Market Driven Economy to a Performance Based Society. The answers and examples of what works are right on every travel website. Northern Europe, especially Germany, and Singapore are the cities on a hill. Those are examples of rational leadership, not rhetorical power grabs.

Every day the headlines are filled with grim news of the world. How can this be when every day the march of Science is triumphing in magical ways?  Things keep moving until they stop. Our world is facing a stoppage. Eighty percent of us all must pull together in the same correct direction to get it moving again.

Battlefield Shapers

Dick Clark exemplifies how given the correct exposure a single individual can dictate the taste of a whole country or in his case much of the world. This clever manipulation of public opinion is the art and war of politics.

Stephen Harper has rained a tong war of manipulation down upon Canada. Millions and millions of publicly funded advertising that looks to me like propaganda. Billions of terabytes of media content from friendly providers clogging up the airwaves and fiber superhighways. 

Weathering this assault can be tiring. It can make one apathetic and even drive some to nihilism. Its like the road to the Stanley Cup, the best players do not win. The players with the most heart and ability to overcome cheap shots win. 

So now as the Canadian playoffs are on the horizon its very encouraging to see a real poll, from a real polling company confirm what most despite the incredible spin knew in their hearts.

Trudeau 68% Harper 29% when asked who would be best to lead Canada.

Go Canada Go.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Market Driven Economy VS Performance Driven Society

Can you imagine how varied our streets would be today, if at the cessation of hostilities in 1946 the US goverment had mandated all brands selling cars in the USA must have one model line made of Aluminum.

 To kickstart this they could have offered a hundred year supply of aluminum in the form of surplus aircraft etc. Aluminum is the most common alloy on our scarcely resourced planet. It is also one of the easiest to recycle. Mined once used forever. If this goverment intervention had been planned today Aluminum would be incredibly cheap. Likely used instead of plastic in most applications. Cars would last indefinitely. Its not the mechanicals that kill a car, its the corrosion. Furthermore plasma electrolytic oxidation could replace painting. Oh what a wonderful world it would be.

The aluminum cars that do exist are universally desirable. There is no debating the world would be a better place if all cars where aluminum instead of steel. Not only for their green credentials but also for the boost to performance gained through weight loss.

 The holy grail of handling, which is really what makes daily driving inspired or insipid is a prisoner of physics. Where the rubber reality meets the road in this equation is the unsprung weight or more scientifically expressed mass. Less weight in the wheels tires and parts of the suspension result in a ride that is not only more responsive, but also runs freer of unwanted vibrational feedback.  If you want a dramatically superior bicycle lose twenty pounds.

That is why you will find more exotic alloys in the suspension system than any other place in the car. (a slight tangent, for this reason the fashion of big wheels is the opposite of form following function, your car will handle best with the smallest wheels possible) Synchronicity applies if you lighten the load on the unsprung portion of the suspension.  Behold magical additional ancillary benifts: less materials used, and less energy (smaller lighter power-train) required for the same performance.  Why has it taken until 2014 for this obvious wisdom to be applied to the mainstream?

Ford with the aluminum bodied F-150 is the first mainstream brand  to the plate. Pioneers get the arrows as Sony with the Betamax can sadly testify. Products like the Betamax did not fail due to a flawed execution like the Apple Newton. Ground breaking innovations mostly fail because we have enabled the masters of human philology to create a market driven economy instead of a performance driven society.

The pickup is the heart and soul of the redneck culture. Will it buy science over superstition? In the case of the F 150 the logic is so irrefutable that it should easily win the hearts and minds. Nothing makes a redneck cry faster than the first rust on the quarter-panel with no zero interest loan from the dealer to nip it in the bud.

However that has not stopped GM and Chrysler from embarrassing themselves in a desperate attempt to cast doubt on the truth.  Chrysler communicates "Battleships are not made of Aluminum, steel is real" GM sublimes " Submarines are made out of tough rolled steel and so are our truckbeds"  GM and Chrysler are not stupid, they say stupid things because it works.

Clever Snake Oil statements like those above gaining traction with a sizable public are the reason we live in such a troubled world. Godspeed Aluminum automobiles and all their ancillary benefits. Next time someone tries and sell you a battleship when you need a streetcar, you know who to give your money to!
Image above created by William Banzia7. Surfing with Food and Beverage warning in effect.

Dream Destroyer still in REM mode

The Boeing Dreamliner was supposed to be the apogee of subsonic passenger aircraft. It firmly remains a work in progress. Its like a luxury sedan, fantastic when it works but so disappointing due to continual nagging deficiencies that place it on hold. IMHO the key reason the Dreamliner has had such a troubled takeoff is Boeing's spiteful biting its nose off to punish Seattle Unions. First the move of HQ to Chicago. Next outsourcing almost everything. The Dream liner is to big to fail so Boeing will find a way to make it work. But instead of being a triumph it will be a bitter hubris pill for shareholders to swallow.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Neil Young Draws Blood from the Oil Sands Development

I never knew that. Neil got the CAPP to admit that even using their maximum minimum spin on a daily basis the Oil Sands extraction creates half the green house gases as all the cars in Canada. Thats sick!
I am for reasonable development of resources, but that number does not sound reasonable. How much energy is produced on a daily bias by all those cars? So a similar amount of energy is being used to produce just bitumen, which then needs to be further refined?  This sounds like a terribly inefficient use of energy. At this point I think we should ask Norway what to do!
I would love to see the big brains punch the numbers on Canada's Tar Sands. If they were oil sands they would be a liquid. Neil Young has been protesting and the Oil Sands Lobby Group has shot themselves in the foot by mocking Young's claim that the oil sands produce on a daily basis as many emissions as all the cars in Canada. Na Na na na na Neil they say, its only the emission from half the cars in Canada. Whow WTF. That means roughly half the energy used by all the cars in Canada is used to extract a days production from the oil sands. Most of this product still needs another energy intensive processing to produce oil. So what is the sense of the whole project if it consumes all this energy just to produce half the power for all the cars in Canada. The same people who go hyperbolic on producing Hydrogen because it consumes more energy than it produces are the biggest fans of the Oil Sands.

On a similar note blogged about by The Gazetteer.  Out of the 84,000 plus hectares of land mucked up by the Oil people, 104 have been reclaimed. Good thing we have never seen companies destroy and environment forever and just walk away. No chance of this happening in Alberta, no sir. Our friends at Ethical oil claim that 1000 Hectors has been reclaimed by Suncor at a cost of Billions. Lets take that as the truth just for the sake of argument. so there is a need for at least two times $84 Billion to start. I wonder if that is in the operating budget of anyone?

Shoppers destroying Brick and Mortar Shopping.

The Big Box store was the beginning of the end. The end is a home 3D scanner.  Tweet the scan to China and they will deliver to your door clothes that fit better than any clothes in history ever had. Any level of customization and personalization is now possible. On the bright side hundreds of huge film set for Zombie movies will soon be available.

Crowd soured fighter jet

Built by Cessna for only $20 million.  Also half the price to keep in the Air. The Military Industrial Complex just got Consumer Electronics sour Heartburn.

Please Yoko Ono

Can you not stop Stephen Harper from not only abusing your copyright, but also using the Beatles as a tool for his right wing propaganda. As a comprise let him sing if he gets a full time job as a lounge lizard.

Yoko Ono's Arising, join in today!

Utopians are heavily read!

Brave New World and 1984 are no longer merely the bookends of modern sci fiction, they are the Swiftonian wiki guides to understanding life on planet earth circa 2014.

"Under the relentless thrust of accelerating over-population and increasing over-organization, and by means of ever more effective methods of mind-manipulation, the democracies will change their nature; the quaint old formselections, parliaments, Supreme Courts and all the restwill remain. The underlying substance will be a new kind of non-violent totalitarianism. All the traditional names, all the hallowed slogans will remain exactly what they were in the good old days. Democracy and freedom will be the theme of every broadcast and editorialbut Democracy and freedom in a strictly Pickwickian sense. Meanwhile the ruling oligarchy and its highly trained elite of soldiers, policemen, thought-manufacturers and mind-manipulators will quietly run the show as they see fit. "
- Aldous Huxley, Brave New World Revisited, published 1958
Could they be any more accurate?
"In the far distance a helicopter skimmed down between the roofs,
hovered for an instant like a bluebottle,
and darted away again with a curving flight.
It was the police patrol, snooping in people's windows."

- George Orwell 1984

Liberty Blitzkrieg gets deeper into our world. Progressives and libertians agree, the solution to almost everything is decentralized self sufficiency. We do not need no stinkin goverment much any more! All we need the goverment for is to peacefully transfer assets allowing everyone to live in a highly decentralized self sufficient world. highly recommended reading, Utopians are heavily read.

If you dont read expect to live these pictures.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Robot Farmers

Makes me think aboot silent running. What are all the day workers going to do?

A Chance to block Monsanto GMO Foods In Sweden

Sign the Petition, as they say vote early and vote often. I often have to ask myself what is with Sweden. Its got the high moral ground well occupied but ever now and then an anomaly like this GMO food issue arises. Why is Sweden the only country in the EU wanting to make GMO foods legal?Other things you would not expect from Sweden are the persecution of Julian Assage and Pirate Bay. Somehow I suspect its all linked to the death of Olof Palme The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo books insinuate there is something sinister lurking in high Swedish places.

H/T Stranger in a Strange Land and Oldphartte

Monday, 20 January 2014

How much Money do I have to give a society to keep me safe?

Answer is all that you got, plus what you can borrow against, and when the time comes to crime, mostly if will be I found your son with a joint, and being a good person I did not charge him with a crime, I found real punishment by pissing in his face.

Yes that could be a true story, and if your a cop that complians you are a unicorn. A mythical being that would say a bad word, all the time living at home with children and telling them your great word. 

Now to lie to your kids is an easy escape. Everyone does it to the ends that meet their ends of not performing in a modern landscape.

You know my kids, I was there at dinner time
maybe you did not see me for 
months at a time
but every day when I broke bread
there were images of you beautiful
children running around in my head.

Now that we are both grown up
what should we think when
the two sides that determine our
future haveo both thrown up
impermeable ideas that even in the
best apology days of  the french revolution
would have been the subjects of the gellontine

Reasonably Defeating the Men in Black

Ironically the first Black man the men in Black met was ready for them. The men in black live on taxpayers dollars designated to keep the taxpayer safe. This is a fantastic idea. Intellectually equivalent to communism. 

In some of the most urban Tiger free areas of the world people are employed in schools to beat a drum. These schools in a hundred years have never had a tiger attack. A logical argument is made in this third world country starved for money to make a real difference. We could put the money from the drum beater into nutrion and education. However the drum beater remains because without the argument that if you remove the drum beater the tigers will attack is more convincing to the voters.

Now if you are the first Black Presidents what do you do? He could have said " Dude I am half white do not be afraid"

Nope he doubled down on black, and learning from the Wesley Snipes he let the MAN win every time. Obama smacked them down by creating conditions upon which the Military Industrial Complex could not play. Its all about the rule of law. In Korea and Japan the US forces operate like the hand of GOD. Rape and murder and all kinds of other lesser offences, sovereign nations can not prosecute.

I spent years in Korea. I had US military personal attempt to shake me down in what was a NAZI type assault. If you do not give me you money I will bring the full force of the US Government against me.  This happened twice and I did not submit.  I am a smart mouthed person. In both cases I made these GI cry. I only said " what would your mamma think?" This is a surefire path to obeying the constitution in a foreign land. Do not try this at home!

What do we know about people in power? First thing that comes to mind is little patience. Live wears on us all, and the little things drive us crazy.  For the one percent and above the little things are a forgotten language. They deal in the same concept but on a much bigger scale. Okay back to Obama.

Obama is technically the leader of all the interest that made America great.
If there are men in Black they talked to him. If they do not exist he got a word from some purlie self interested worst.

Here we have Obama, a half black guy from a broken marriage whose formative years were spent smoking weed in paradise. People are people. Presidents are usually people. Obama was less people than Bill Clinton.

Bill Clinton and GHWB are now best friends and the have invested together in a condo development in Shanghai. I was in Shanghai in 1987 and the word on the street was that the Bush family was the biggest investor in this burg that did not have lights at night.

Obama is the first real president since JFK. Understandably he can not work black, there are already so many black forces on his six.

Since JFK every American president has set up like a evil sports team some goverment in a shithole world that they can bomb back to the stone age without shattering the facade of humanity.

Barack Obama, bringing his full hussian to the equation is not playing ball.
It all centered on the status of forces agreement.  In Korea and Japan this has more or less allowed the wide-scale situations where rape is viewed by a USA lens.  In this context are you going to side against a soldier?

America disengae, its like the drug war, everyone who smokes up is an enemy.
If you passed the joint sometimes you would be living in a world like JFK imagined where the plane was emulating America and all wanted to be your best friends.

Buy the best you can afford its mostly cheaper

From clothes, to cars spending more often costs you less in the long run. In addition you enjoy the pleasures of the extra finery at the same time . When it comes to construction the benefits are exponential. Skip the granite counter tops and go straight to passive windows and a heat exchanger. 

The Champlain bridge is a case in point. Saving $ 2 million in 1962 is now going to cost the taxpayer up to $5 billion in 2013.  Road salting to combat ice played a large role in this debacle. So why don't we build new bridges and overpasses with heat pumped heating and not use any salt at all?

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Finally something to watch

Justified is back!  I have written lots of good things about this cable show based upon an Elmore Lenord character.The first Episode of Season Five has Canadian bad guys and they talk about Tim Hortons and speculate upon his death. 

We are marching

Into new times, who can fathom what will rule. I hope you have been listening because it will be crucial to ride the tide of the new rule.

Oscar Nominations

Twelve Years a Slave does not belong. It torture porn. True story nevertheless.
Captain Philips is standard Tom Hanks fare that's not Oscar. A true story nevertheless.
Her is terrible, even if you loved The Master no human will be able to sit through HER.

The most expensive painting sold to date

The Francis Bacon painting sold for $142 million dollars. The purchaser the ex wife of a casino magnet. I have seen some great art, this aint it. Although I have seen it I would not include the Mona Lisa as something my artistic mystic would want to keep. Rembrandt, Klimt, Van Gough,  and Picasso would open my wallet, but I can not imagine a stages so strong it could support a purchase of even one. I know a guy who can paint the same so well that an art expert without x ray vision would say same. This is some obscene misdirection of capital that surely Marx frowned upon, but what say you, the viewer?

I say this is a exhibit of the worst kind. That is a great sum of money and it could be easily applied to great things. Sure half will go down the drain, but that is the way it works, no invention stands alone, even those that are the same.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Being 100% behind

USA USA USA, you can rule, but you refuse to command. In today's world we must command. Today I speak of windows but you can extrapolate this to so many subjects. IMHO the people of this earth have had many cycles of technical supremacists. Obviously led by childish opportunists.

They as our current Gods tread, just fucked it up so badly barely a trace remains of their wisdom. In our own recent history we can not fault the NAZI for making progress. Do not get me wrong, the British Empire and its American child have made this world we live in. Gratitude must be expressed no matter how wild the development was. At the end of the day all the worst of humanity is defrayed. Just please tone done the hubris or we will end up like the subjects of legends of which we are all afraid. Knowing something is a long way from doing something. The law of unintended consequences and I am sure if applied the laws of thermodynamics should not be opposed.

What brings this conclusion to my thinking aboot. Its windows, windows something we can not seem to live without.  Review all the data, look at all the sites. Most window producers are proud to say they can install a superior window on your job site. What kind of hubris do you have at this time of the lord if your window has a R3 value when R9  exists in the godless world.

Hockey Today

Do you realize that to the majority of the population sport is as interesting as a noisy neighbor?  Sport is the first past the post entertainment winner in a crowded field of candidates. How much land mass of the planet does the USA occupy? Less than 2%.  Sport numbers I do not know.  However logically they are somewhere in the thirties at best. Yet sport dominates the message from our media. The reason is obvious its as close a direct interface to our lizard brain we can get without actual mortal combat. Even pansy sports fire up the lizard transmitters and make us think about conflict. If you have conflict you have wolf packs,  and humans have advanced that concept to highly advanced tribes. My tribe right or wrong, it does not matter what team Beethoven plays for him I want to see him crushed in a sonata.

I grew up in Canada in a village in the central north.  Total population 1200 people.  We had a hockey arena. Can you imagine Toronto if it had an arena for every 1200 people.  That would be more ice than Rob Ford could manage. Now a half century later the only what if question I still consider, is why did I not make the NHL. Sure I knew the odds and acknowledged I was not very good.  But what coach failed me when I needed a boost to a larger neighborhood? The NHL was built upon players like me, people who respected the code and would do what they were told.

For most of the twentieth century the NHL was a sideshow in the great enterprise of sport. It was the used car dealership of sport. Yet the game overcame.

Today we suffer from overexposure to fans who could care less about an offside than goaltender interference. Imagine the Indy 500 where drivers where hired to crash into the contenders and just generally slow down the speed and skill to a level where anyone with a G license who was willing to risk their skull could partake as well.

The NHL was built upon a six team league. Don Cherry extols about these times
but does not seem to realize what made that era great is something upon which he constantly drops the dime.

The fix is in, we know what to do. We see it in the playoffs, and its comming to Sochi too. Drop the goons, call the passengers, let the flyers fly and it does not mean there will be no blood on the chin.

H/T JT (she mostly says what I mean about hockey)

Hey Apple take a bite of what I am Thinking Aboot

First of all forgive my ignorance. I know less about I tunes than you have forgotten. 

What I would like to see.

1) Easy ways to burn my content to disc/copy to USB in a universal format, especially for Hi Resolution Audio tracks. I always save Apple loseless. I have made MP3 discs to play in my car but it was a nightmare.

2) Support for Hi Res Audio on the I phone. How about a DAC  headphone amplifier you can attach to any IPhone?

3) Let me print my play list or copy it to a file.

Thanks, jobs for you from Steve.

Golf Bicycle Trailer

Pictured above is a fantastic idea. Combining Golf and riding a bike on a well groomed natural trail. For those who have never ridden trails its like comparing walking in the grass barefoot to wearing shoes.  I am sure they have done their homework but it looks a little compromised to me.

 Instead of reinventing the wheel, design a golf bag trailer that can hold two standard sized golf bags and has a built in cooler. A solar panel would recharge the phone. Golfers can rent both the bike and the trailer. The cost of my product would be much less than the $1200 suggested for the device about. Bike enthusiasts are able to bring their own bike to the golf course and just rent the trailer. Its my patent pending idea. Will license it to you for free.

H/T Gizmag

Fidlar: Trailer Park Boys with a punk Beatles Vibe

H/T Warren Kinsella

ZSRDF Commisons Offical Command Vehicle

Its an Audi A8 factory modified armoured car. V12 powered and looking entirely stock. The head of alien intelligence would never suspect Major Jones Spaceman and other heroes of the ZSRDF were cruising the boulevards. A taxi  picking up the fares of galactic defense.

Me I am flying in my Taxi, taking tips getting stoned

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Is Fukushima iradating the west coast of North America?

There is so much clutter out there who knows. What I do see is more and more stories like this breaking into the mainstream. Something is happening and Nuclear Experts are being mobilized to spin away.

H/T Yesterdays Lies

Critics agree Upstream Color one of 2013 Top Movies

Rotten Tomatoes picks it as fourth best Sci Fi on the year.

IO9 picks it as number one movie of the year.

Suspended Disbelief Steve says its the first movie of the twenty first Century.

Monsanto Wins, who lost?

Its not a clear-cut disaster but it does re affirm Monsanto's hold on the seed world.

H/T Stranger in a Strange Land

Monday, 13 January 2014

Beating on Christie hoping for some truth.

So Chis Chestier is given a power that he regrets later.  This is as big a distraction as i will screw you sideways and deny it much later, Is it possible to find a leader that did not think it was anti popular to bring out his mistress later.

We are all Freaks

Just get over it an do as much as you can do with love.
I heard the beautiful vibrations of sound
no one could deny
that they formed my future advance
to respond to a sound
that over I no control
or faced with a lawsuit
would not agree
this is the path
upon which vitalization
must advance.
If your ignorant and not well imfored
you will see that benath all of Cananda and the CBC
are minirals, great wealth for those that believe.
Gold bugs drive me crazy becuase they think this is the  meauure
that defines humanity. Its like a weapon with lethal certanty.
Sure I can kill any progressive agnda like
a target on Daley plazza which in real life
was killing the kennedy
before they could arrange
a small plane accident
to make America the land
of the free.

We came from someplace

I am all for our celebrities to be graded. It separates the Kim Kardahisn and Kanye Wests from the real case. When you are looking at a starfield its like a sportsteam, but in Hollywood its all about who could make us the most money without complaining they were not first in line to that great disbursement of a trust fest.
Time has revealed who where stars and who the gamma ray turned there internal organs into some kind of midnfield.

Hollywood stars are the tissue paper of history. You could blow your nose on them with love, but still for the most part they were stupid on policy when viewed from above. Hey I am not on the fence when a privileged celiberty cares enough to say something about my apogee.

Hollywood and and every place it plays are all about illusion delivering a half truth that we might worship because the message was so strong, it over whelmed the lizard brain security that made us the victors over the Neanderthals that we defeated in an eon measured in millions of years and to think we can change life on a dime because our belief is so strong.

Cold Play

Stop the argument, they are top level.

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Widespread Corruption

We have seen it in Quebec, want to bet its not the same in Ontario? Well in England its epidemic. Beyond the Pale.

"The thing that corruption stories -- even astounding ones like this -- teach us is that our systems need to account for the possibility that the authorities are corrupt, or sloppy, or duped. Creating laws that give police and magistrates the power to declare anything anyone does illegal, storing massive DNA databases, allowing for secret courts and warrantless surveillance, creatingunaccountable systems of censorship, and letting spies run wild are all examples of systems designed on the presumption that the establishment is both uncorrupted and perpetually uncorrectable."

H/T Boing Boing

Top 100 Movies by Body Count

Full list over at Also thanks to Business Insider for entering that data and drawing this graph.

Saturday, 11 January 2014

How to fix Toronto for good

Toronto needs better hard power or infrastructure and better soft power or cultural efficiency. Both powers are best practiced on a generational timeline.

Children continually hear they are the future, but its always admonished in a glib nebulous way, " you can be anything you want" sorry no you cant, you have opportunities, but in fact everyone can not be anything they want.  This is the foundation of the lie politicians use to win short sighted victories.

The TDSB should have a How to be the Future curriculum. In the early years its mostly stories of heroes and villains. Rob Ford would make a perfect villain.  The story should be factual like how his use of a wedge issue on Subways ruined a best case transit plan. Rob Ford lied to make his case and the people fell for it, hey kids do not fall for the future Rob Ford. Then we could have heroes like R.C Harris. Children great men build for the future, great men plant seeds for which they will not get to enjoy the fruit. When your looking at who will determine your future ask yourself are they a future builder, a present consumer or worst of all a past seller. In later years just document the cause and effect good and bad decisions have had on Toronto. Who sold the ideas and how they sold them.
The first past the post system is an Anglo Saxon anachronism designed to not only prevent change, but stifle candidates who do not have a large power block. We need a runoff or similar device to pick political winners.

Term limits must be imposed, ten years and your out.

For every dollar a lobbyist or contributor makes to a candidate or political action syndicate, they must make an equal contribution to public art.
Every transaction the city government makes must be on the internet in clear accounting format. In Camera transactions must be revealed ten years later. The city charter should be changed so that no law suit can be settled without public viewing.

Shorten the campaign, a year is ridiculous and once again limits potential candidates.

Three ethical violations in a single term and your term ends, position to be replaced by a vote of council until the next election.

Wipe out the taxi license system. Determine how many taxis are needed. License that many cabs. Not every cab must be disabled capable, but some formula must ensure that a correct number are on the road. Every cab lic must have at least 3 people listed as owners. You can not own more than one cab lic. Every cab must be at least a hybrid. Lic are granted on a 5 year basis by lottery for qualified applicants. If more cabs are needed or licenses are taken away in the interim have an interim lottery but the license still expires when the overall five year hits.

Every new construction must meet four new criteria. Passive house Standard, architecturally interesting. climate change resistant, and have a four hour battery as part of a citywide smart grid. All rooftops must be 50% green with 25% of that solar panels.
Vinyl siding and asphalt shingles are banned immediately.
Increase the density around Toronto housing apartments by making a deal with developers. They build new housing for the existing residents and they can build or re imagine the existing builds as high as they wish for private sale. Copy the public housing scheme of Singapore which is integrated into the transit plan.

Congestion CBD pricing like Singapore

All GTA transit including TTC operates as a one publicly traded provincial crown corporation like Singapore SMRT and Hong Kong MRT. Both of which turn a profit BTW.  Singapore with a population and size similar to amalgamated Toronto has starting from zero in 1987 built 169 kilometers of Subway by 2013. The TTC has 69 kilometers total. The Hong Kong Airport express operated by the MRT runs at 130 Kph every ten minutes and covers 34 kilometers in 24 min with a one way cost under fifteen dollars. The construction cost hardly more than double the cost of a two station subway extension in Scarbourgh. This includes crossing one of the longest bridges in the world and a two kilometer tunnel under Hong Kong Harbour.

Zone space for a Gas Plasma garbage converter ( they do not incinerate) at Downsview.

Mandate a grade separated east west  north south continuous city wide  bike path

Pay for all of the above with a vehicle registration tax. This time do not allow cottage owners to opt out. If you have a house or apartment in Toronto you have to pay, and scamming is a thousand dollar fine.
Allow seniors and students to buy an offpeak pass for the TTC for a nominal fee.

Allow cafes in Youngsterdam to operate under the same blind eye as Amsterdam. Use all the millions in revenue for arts funding.

Infrastructure is far more expensive than life changing words.  Priority of problem areas are as follows, Transit, power, water and waste.

There are many excellent some of them extremely cheap solutions for transit out there.

Use cameras for all speed and stoplight enforcement. Thus not only saving millions of money, but also eliminating cars from the road. Enforcement would be constant certain and virtually impossible to defeat. Think again about how much money would be saved.

The next lowest hanging fruit is one way streets. Believe me the governance of Kula Lumpur is not going to embarrass Toronto City council with their cleverness. However their ground game is better. Kula Lumpur traffic improved tremendously when they brought in one way streets.
Next biggest bang for the buck is the oft mentioned greater utilization of Go Transit. Run trains from four points like Downsview to Bloor every  15 mins during peak. Build huge parkinggarages at the external points. Make better connections between Go and TTC with moving walkways and in some cases levitated cable cars like are used at Pearson. Funding could come from congestion charge, taxi license and vehicle registration.
Instead of a relief line first  run a express train on the Young line. It would mean adding tracks at express stations at Lawrence, Bloor and King instead of building a whole new Subway. This should easily add 50% more capacity on peak,  and frequency of express could be reduced to save money during low demand.

Run an elevated levitated cable car between Malton Go and the Airport. For those without Grey Pupon in their backback.

Trade GO parking land to developers who must build affordable housing and pallet parking garages. Every Go station in the GTA should have high rise residential in densities equal to that of Hong Kong and Singapore.
Reduce speed limit on residential roads to 30 Kph.  This is a proven solution to pedestrian death. How come in the case of speed limits better practices does not apply to pedestrians? On high speed roads build pedestrian flyovers at key intersections complete with elevators for the stair avoiders.

All Transit stations should have safe bike parking, either a room/cage that ID must be provided to enter and leave (electronically no human attendant) or palletized containers to store bikes.  Bike theft is a bigger deterrent to bike usage than lack of grade separation.

Cover all 400 series roads with townhomes along the edges, bike paths/emergency vehicle routes down the middle and parkland/greenhouses everywhere remaining. The south side of the canopy use for massive solar farms. These canopies would fund themselves by selling the townhouses, power produced and savings from having to plow roads. Overall maintainer costs, delays and accidents would be added incentives.

Hospitals,  Police Stations,  and Fire stations must install natural gas powered fuel cells like Google uses. In addition to emergency use they are used as part of the smart grid for power smoothing.
Demand the province hand over the sandbar five kilometers offshore from the Scarbough Bluffs. City of Toronto will install four of  the biggest windmills possible there with the cable connecting at Ashbridge Wastewater.

Police must wear personal video recorders when not on break. Three failures to record job is under review. Computers are used to audit recording and GPS data for quality control. This would save millions, make the Police more productive and eliminate citizens concerns about police encounters. From the Justice side its going to mean huge reductions in court time and overall administration of Justice.

Politicians must wears same cameras from nine to five. Lets see where the mayor spends his daylight hours?

As part of the east end waterfront development construct Movie Set neighborhoods.  Neighborhoods that look like Paris, Amsterdam, Beijing or Tokyo. Turn Toronto Island airport into a min canal Venice. Copy Singapore's widely successful public housing program.

On big pipes install Mazzei injectors to start Aeration upstream thus increasing the capacity of wastewater treatment during storms. Install Mazzei injectors at wastewater plants instead of fine bubble diffusers to cut electricity costs and maintenance costs in half.

Close Younge street to traffic between College and Dundas Sq. Heat the plaza in the winter so no salt or slush is going to be there. Set up a permanent stage and let local acts play during appropriate times.
Make a statue of Jane Jacobs shaking hands with R.C Harris in Dundas Square.  They should be standing under a full sized model of the Avro Arrow. On a plaque describe the significance of all three art works.