Thursday, 9 January 2014

William Hauge

This guy even from across the ocean always irritated me. I do not know if he is Gay or not, it really does not matter to me. However if William is a pedophile its a different story. Aangrifan has some interesting views on the subject. The upper level of England seems to be a overflowing cesspool. And my conspiracy theory jones loves that deceased MI6 worker Gaerth Williams found locked inside his gym bag is part of the speculation. Apparently even though the bag was locked from the outside, it was determined there was no foul play. Apparently there were no fingerprints anywhere in the flat. Almost as mysterious as the Dr David Kelly case.

There is a similar swirling vortex of curiosity and prestige under cloud in Canada. The Vancouver Club. If you follow all the links and put on the tinfoil is it not possible  Robert Piction was only the cleaner? Could all those single running shoes full of feet, have come from the same source?


  1. Many thanks for the link.

    - Aangirfan

    1. Hi Aangirfan, I am amazed at your source material. Its really quite incredible. Some of it especially when it comes to the Jews I think is nonsense. But your documentation of the Anglo Saxon flaws and the strength of its pedophilia class is black and white. I maintain that the two greatest sins of civilization are not leaving a warrior in your village if you are playing with roving Barbarians engaged. Next how you can lose like five military units armed with at least muskets against an puny formation of archers. In our world history the Anglo Saxons own slavery and as you point out many horrible practices. Compare the remorse of the Anglo Saxon world for slavery with the painful constantly reminded nearly equally regretted Germanic cultures atonement for the Holocaust. Hardly a nut or bolt or operating manual of the machine behind the Holocaust remains in Germany. But in the Anglo Saxon world the slavery machine lies just below the surface refusing to sink..

      I think Israel has its faults and sure the Rothschild s are Jewish, I frown on anti Semitic content. I do not think you cross that boundary, but I would advise that it would be easy to take some of your posts the wrong way. Every group has its bad points. I see six million dead Jews as proof of the insanity and power of the far right. IMHO the Germans have done everything and more to move their culture in a polar opposite way. I do not buy a worldwide Jewish conspiracy. Localized co operation is one of the strengths of Judaism and I would submit the foundation of their remarkable level of achievement. Other successful cultures especially Koreans use similar models. Achievements that have benefited the whole of mankind exponentially inversely proportionally to Jewish population. Bob Dylan alone is equal to a few billion advancement credits. Just want to be clear aboot that.