Sunday, 26 April 2020

30+ Best Little Feat images | little feat, album covers, lowell george

As I comment Little Feat comes on the stereo. It playing relatively low as it need some room to soak in. They have made a New NED KELLY movie and If You DONT KNOW NED, you dont believe in Fightclub.

look for wisdom in the words of Bob, when I am weary and down an out and the last time I checked the word of the prophets were written on the sides of subway cars and train cars, recently the jungle drum chanting has replaced rock and roll as the most popular pastime to listen to. I can call it music. Its like a culture that listens to fart sounds all day and its popular pollutes my ear-waves. and they have the same predictive ability of the average german shepard,
cant wait till I can upgrade mine and teach it to paint.

So as we reopen we might need a song in our head, a real earworm that can speak to the lizard mind and make authority seem fine.

Hard rain falls, I dont feel it.( yet, as you know I worked in the nothwoords for a spell,
but one day the axe it just fell.)

Mama, take this WHO  badge off of me
I can't use it anymore
It's gettin' dark, too dark to see
I feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Mama, put my guns in the ground
I can't shoot them anymore
That long black cloud is comin' down
I feel I'm knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door
Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door

Dont Stand so close to me

I was walking on sunshine
and I contuied down
that path 
feeling good
because the enemy
had a weaknees
yep like a vampire
wipes it out
could be better
for us all to be full
of galic and sunlight
at all times
to keep the virus
from the door
or maybe even
in the bedroom
if you live an open
window or even 
give permission
to enter the house
a Vampire can enter
places denied by even
the smallest mouse
or drone or nano cameras
using billions of blood
vessels programmed to 
enter the neural cortex
in sequence to use the human
eye to make photos and frames
up to 230 fpm from everyone

So our minds are being stripped
mined to make us buy products
we dont need and the more
we are worth the more the
lizard brian will be told
pay way more than what
is worth
make it priceless with all
your wealth
and everyone who is not
in will be doing the auction
thing paying millions and billions
for works of art sold in house
by the Man
and the specialist PHD Museum Science
a DR of selling art as priceless

I cant get no more exact
I cant get no more credibility
other to say I have been 
injecting clorex and pushing
a flashlight up my ass
all my life
and to date
NO Covid
Trump is right Trump is so fucking right
the beacon on the hill
will be playing
the red
light and America
will become Roxanne
just like the rest of the world
has had to wear the red light
now it seems China
is comming to town
and the tiger mother
father daughter and son
its no myth
they are comming here
to split our tender beer bellys
and 40 hour work weeks
with a perfect synchronization
of  a software like say Salesforce
with your personality
soon we have the tactical
sales mind of Tony  Roma
and the dictation
and direct Jedi knight
words and emotion 
of the TONY
You know TONY big teeth
I think he was part of the
school that took everything except 
cheap TV content.
Netflix is the distraction
you think the man can plan
well look what they
they spanked big oil
the big girl
that make the man

Without the hydrocarbon monopoly the man will 
be a mummy full of money
and will have to like
the rest of humanity
invest wisely
and as economic history has experienced
most long term investments in stock
fade away
and the real stability is in the bond market
bonds are real old arbitrager unfriendly ways
to store wealth and make predicable  money.

Sweet Home Alabama

Old wars confederate twists
and Georgia follows faith
more than reason
in what is sure to be
on of the greatest mass
slaughters of Afro Americans
well since nowherer
its never been done before
even the Tsugisi  Expert
with syphilis was
less experimental
no we are in full
blooded LandStadt
territory where
poor people are
termites that we\
need to survive in a symbiotic
way but we cant have
them making music
and appearing in every movie
as a top dog sitrap
sitrap six simga security hound
non android edition
my job has a lifespan
of roughly 24 months
after that I can get pogey
for  some time less
than a year
after that I am on the street
homeless and wondering
who just won
because I went to school
I got an excellent degrees
but for some reason
when ever given difficult
choices the lemmings lead
the way
I think the first  1 percent of lemmings
are wondering whats Trump?
Cause when you walk off that cliff
in faith the would make Jim Jones
look like Ip man
we got CHI and
and that not everyone
wants to agree
because its something
more than we can
and everyone can
get it for free

Now the darkside
is is it lethal
and can take control
this is what
Star Wars
or any Yodi
is saying
when you
try and harness
you better have
a good enough
or it will turn
and thats not rasist
its just that dead
flesh goes black
and never comes
back in the end

Saturday, 25 April 2020

The seas where angry when I remembers this

Rachel Welch, "Fantastic Voyage." | Film fantastic, Raquel welch ...
Fantastic voyage, I saw it first run at the theaters and at that time it was first run first time ever science fiction on the big screen. That moved me away from conventional thought to live my life like it was an episode of Star Trek and I was a much less assertive Kirk. Nevertheless in command of my own starship that traveled everyday and every hour and sometime every minute to the most incredible places that every existed.

It took about $1.29 to buy an ounce of silver in the 1920s, while today it takes about $15.17 to buy an ounce of silver.  This means silver presently costs 1,076-percent more in dollar terms than it did in the 1920s.  In pesos, however, it’s a downright disgrace.  It took 2.58 pesos to buy an ounce of silver in 1922, while today it takes 375.76 pesos to buy an ounce of silver.  Astonishingly, in peso terms, silver now costs 14,464-percent more than it did in the 1920s.

And the band played on

Scandals of Classic Hollywood: Ronald Reagan Plays the President ...
Ok you are the smartest monkey
according to many Gods gift to
the planet
The earth is a human with a lifecyle
in the billions of years
and it like everything else
on this planet is geared to making
some kind of fantastic garden
with moving parts
and villages
and everything a scale rail roader
could every wish for
and should Neil Young
who is one the biggest
moders of history
want to make those trains
deliver essential supplies
I would be signing up

Ronald Reagan  left a 

posined chalice that left
the world in control of
the right people
who may have
all graduated in the
same class
and they have been
much more rapid
and stable
and profit generating
than 5 G

Who cares who

runs 5 G its
like arguing
about the best 
cell carrier or
streaming service
they all just want
one thing
and one thing only
the thing that moves everything
its persuading you to voluntarily
work for free 
with the chance of

Marshall McLuhan kind of understood

although compared to the thinkingaboot
minds of today we have skyscrapers
of intelligent thought to copy
he was the first to understand that

George Herbert Wallace Bush was a man

from another century
Could we say his testamentary is filled
with racism, Nazi worship and
just a whole string of bad
things that have shaped the
world for decades. NO we cant
because he was the last President
that understood they are the President

Geroge Herbert Walllace Bush

coined the phrase
Vodoo Economics
because he was an incredibly
intelligent person.
Reagan may have been
smart or something else
A few decades ago they released
the writings of Ronald Reagan
and compared to Trump
they would replace
the three laws
of thermodynamics
At the very moment these monuments
to self promotion were released
George Herbert Walker Bush's
son by far least likely to be President
was reeling due to kinda
working 18th century in the world
Nevertheless the press secretary
always wanting to give the press
some wonderful shinny thing
that will not hurt
rushed to Babs Bush and
pleaded for GWB papers
so they could buff and polish them
until the looked like Shakespeare
with an accent and a 100 word
vocabulary limit. Babs despondently said
I am sorry I burned all his colouring books
when he announced. Those books
would have showed he
was some kind of artist

Reagan got a huge boost

on the influences scale
meaning that using his
name to advance ridiculous
policy just
got more authority 
and a group think
if not a myth
and a legend
that was true

I could go on 

and on and on
but I keep on keeping on
because I believe in history
as bad as it seems today
is light years ahead of the
world only 50 years ago

Yet the myths. superstition
and just plan lizard brain
programming are keeping
us down while
the Man expands
the empire
all round
there is no escape from
the man today
they can spell
about you  faster and better
and 1000 times a minute
more often
just checking to 
see if the song
remains the same

Sunday, 19 April 2020

Whipsawed and just cut in half

Air, Cruise and Tourism Stocks Whipsawed in Coronavirus Wake ...
I believed or at least gave
tacui approval to all
the clown posters
and the message
that was tailored
for the lizard
and now I rejoice
that I have seen
that parionia
runs deep and into your
mind it will
creep it
starts when you 
have to be afraid
of the covid cure
more than the disease
not that both
need a world class
effort to place into
the dustbin
of history.

Sunday, 12 April 2020

Snowmexicant Mexican Standoff

MiFID II Scrutinizes Equity Research & Corporate Access Payments Causi

OPEC is one of the most universally hated acronym ever. In the age of zero interest rates the masters of the universe have been borrowing heavily to produce fracked oil. This is a fracked idea from every angle but it is a good one in our reality distortion  field economy.

The fracking has fracked Saudi Arabia. MBS decides to frack the frackers and drop the price of oil so low the frackers go bankrupt.

Well this kinda backfired and got President Trump and the US Senate all sanctioney. This is the worst possible time for a wave of frackers to be fracking bankrupt.
MBS blinking and brokered a deal for higher prices with a $40 per barrel target.

Only one problem, little Mexico is playing a different game. I imagine Mexico is going to get paid but in the meantime how delicious.

Computers in self isolation

I have an 8 year old Fractal Design full tower, it looks like the new one. It was the state of the art. The Lian- Li O11D XL now claims the top spot. RGB lighting seemed like a frivolous idea until I got new ASUS TUF with Aura. Now I want the full glass tower. The awesome liquid cooling seen above is from EKWB.

Saturday, 11 April 2020

My vision for a world post Covid

I spent decades on a bar stool
in Star Trek world trying to 
fix the world with aliens
who had software so far
from mine we found few
interfaces and
the hardware
well it blew my mind
when I did come to

Warren Zevon was a genius
why he never claimed the
throne I dont know
but his song Roland the Headless
encompass all that is wrong with
this world
an employee is too good
at his job so you off
his head just in case
he goes postal

The world died with WW3
with two assassinations
JFK at the grassy knoll
and the UN head
in Africa as told
by the story
the siege of jagotville.
The Irish troops did not
lose a man
how remarkable
and when they came home
they suffered more
than under fire
example number 1
with no dispute
that what is wrong
has always been

The world and its people
are all beautiful
but not every one is equal
and if we go down that
road we are road kill
we do need a
meritorious society
heroes of the soviet
union was
as close as we
have come
and everything I know
and everything I believe
tells me
Joseph Stalin
was the prince of lightness
we all need
now you can jump on
me and tell me he killed millions
and maybe he did
but is there any
leader ever
that backed away from
making a best practice omelet
most without a personal

You want to count deaths
in making a decision
than you dont understand math
because the laws of thermodynamics
are unyielding
they are the closest
things we have to facts

So we have never have humanity
watch Rodger Rabbit
and any other movie
you choose where
the people in power
will kill a good thing
to make a billion dollars
or less
because they have assumed
the master of the universe
position where the rest
of the world should be
bent over

History is not
something you can
choose, it is
but finding the truth of
history takes
a special mind
like a preist before
God you got to print what
you think
and dont let facebook
make it rediculuuis
so like Assic Asimov
in his classic Foundation
series I beg the world
listen to history and set
our civilization free

Just like we can model
economic bullshit
and other things
we can model
a star trek universe
and how that could
set the planet free

Did you know that in most
the world you dont own property
you lease it for 100 years
and thats just a start
the world has experienced
its just that people are
paid not to listen
Singapore and Austria
twins born of different
but if you take all the good
from both
you will have a near
perfect world.
We dont have to re event the wheel
the west has always been square
but used enough force to keep 
things turning
but now we got to all 
go for round

Saturday, 4 April 2020


Justin Trudeau communist T-Shirt - MookMerch Funny T-shirts

As is sit today with great unease
I see the vista of the past
with great authority
Pierre Elliot Trudeau
was prescient
with his NEP and
and Mulroney was
a bag man

That can not be changed now
but Canada knows now
that the USA
will break every promise
so we need to 
be promise keepers
to ourselves

This means that food and medicine
no matter what the cost
must be in the hands of Canadians
for Canadians and without restrictions
Secondly we must know
that if times get tough
the Americans are cumming for
what they need
and like Switzerland
we should prepare.

If America can not invade
IRAQ or Syria
there should be 
no problem for 
Canada to make
them think twice
or three time before
crossing the border

Traitors who IMHO
have littered Canadian history
and more every day
need to be sent
back to the USA