Friday, 29 May 2015

3D T Shirts

I am a T shirt lover. I think the branded T shirt is the perfect form of human expression and comfortable cover. Mountain T shirts has created a masterpiece.

Ontario Liberals turning Conservative

Power flows from a barrel of money, and sometimes the public is left in a barrel going over Niagara Falls. There are so many ways the hydro sell off smells that it has to be a Conservative Turd. The gas plant scandal smelled like a payoff for the P3 companies. The Hydro sale has the potential to be the worst flaying of the public purse ever in Ontario. Its best to let a convicted con man explain it. In summary the math is not hard, and the sums stink for the taxpayer.

I still cling to the wild hope that behind this is the realization that big power distribution is going to be obsolete in ten years.

Thursday, 28 May 2015

If Canada bought the best fighter instead of the most politically correct one

When compared to American F-22 or F-35 5G fighter jets, Sukhoi PAK-FA (T-50) is going to “outperform them in all technical aspects,” the commander of the Russian Air Forces, Lieutenant General Viktor Bondarev said on Thursday.

The Americans would probably save a trillion dollars if they just licensed this plane from Russia and built and American version instead of the F35.

Govener Bobby Jindal Should be Real Proud

The leading distinctive death in Louisiana is Syphilis. What is it still the 18th century there? Bobby Jindal the poster boy of Conservative failure.

Flush the Harper Turd TPP

Free Trade is a great economic idea. In practise it has become a race to the bottom. Now with the TPP it has become a clever way for the MAN to use lawsuits to eliminate even basic protections or power of governments to regulate business. It should be called the Ferengi .Trade Mistake.mistake

The most successful intellectual property rights developer in Canadian history says the deal turns Canada into a intellectual farm team for the the USA pro MAN team. The Harper team negotiated a deal so lousy it can not be believed. For example in 5 years Canada will have to allow Japanese cars duty free. The USA gets 30 years protection. WTF!!!!!! The document is chock full of Canada bending over for no good reason. Harper sold us out.

The Honourable Chystia Freeland wants to hear from Canadians.

Please leave a comment on the 24th (with a bullet now) most influential Internet lawyers blog. My suggestion below. Then email the minister with the link.

How about we shred this 30,000 page permanent prison document, shape it into a giant dildo, and stick it up Harper's ass for permanent archiving.

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Saudi Arabia is a Medival Empire

So why is the Harper goverment selling it weapons. No country in the world is more responsible for jihad than Saudi. No principles left in Canada goverment.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

The little things that let us roll faster, better, stronger and more sustainably

Bearing, are everywhere. Build a better bearing and billions of Horsepower will be saved. This is a significant move forward.

H/T Gizmag

More Songs about Honey and Food

Dead Bees mean dead humans
how can we be so stupid
here is a giant PSA
stop killing the bees
get up off your knees
and just say no
to Mr Chemical Man.

Hey Mr Chemical Man
sell your stock for free
let the birds and the bees
be nature
and bring pollination
back to save the nation

Star Trek HQ

The skyline of Shanghai has a certain UFO Je ne sais quoi. Now one entrepreneur  has gone were no man has boldly gone before. Live long and prosper Liu Dejian.

Sunday, 24 May 2015

no more coal in ONtario

I felt a great sadness
due to the days
filled with smog
and then the goverment
with great bravery
closed those plants down

now id == take us grANTED
after that
while thats the way
the wynee blows
but as a matter of fact
I breather easy
cause a gobermet
said yes to

We have no solution to life

Thats the simple truth to the people sailiing away from Libya and ISIS in general.  Well I can point out another time in history were we were stupid and did nothing. Galllapoli . We are all living in some king of lifefraft believe me.
So do I die todays or an bLAck man yesterday. Is there really any differance
as the band plays, we are dead black and white

Thats way to harsh livng in the mans world

I fear a sixth ectiction but you can be hopful\the people in charge will not bill their own self destruction

Nobody does stuff for fun, do not beieve the hype

we all got at the core
some kind of personality
and if you have lived my life
back in the seventies
and what you have to deal
with now
I would just say do what
I do
I just said fuck you
and I do not find the princess
all that attractive

I know thats not an option today
the man has found a way
to make a profit off puberty
and not only that a hope
if nothing comes along better
old age.

The resistane to this kind of mind
is all you can do
however we can not prevent
people who like a pickup
from distoring our green gains
so I am worried
but the great thing
I know from personal
experiece the private selfoff
of public resources
No one went to jail
and we complain about it
daily to no advails

The True Story of the Holocoust

we have solutions for this

The true story of the Holocaust has never been written
until I did it today
I will make many factual errors
and my math may not add up
to the extent the deniers will add
my truth to their stump of lies
after the tree of knowledge and probity
has been sacrificed to a cause
which to this day befuddles me
cause if you look at the 21st Century
no one with any clued
is going to say the Jews are in charge

The tale really begins with the old Testament, or the Torah as the Jews call it. WHICH, brings up a salient point of idenification that has long bugged me. The Torah is a very significant document. Its like calling the declaration of indenpdence the colonist whishes historicaly. Why do we call Wien, Vienna, and a hundred other misidentifications that lead me to ramble without logic.
I am no biblical scholar so I do not know if quoting anything leads to ecumenical
For sure it make for a lot of misinformation to be polite when talking about
absolute born in poured concrete lies. These kinds of facts are not new
the Greeks wrote plays of them, and all over Europe you can find Roman artifacts built with taxpayer dollars for the majority that never did enjoy that highway, spa or splash.

Some time long in the past a group of citizens were bound together by tribal bounds
but more than that an idea of a people.  
This was Apple three thousand years ago.   The Jews became the Ipeople. The ones God loved best. Through self reinforced good behaviour they advanced over the Microcontrol tribes. No one could join the Ipeople. No you had to be born into the OS. I am sure this firewall against virus was not appreciated.
Time went by and the Jews who were slaves to a great extent made their move with Moses. They did a reverse takeover and drowned all the option seekers to make a healthy return to the lands they remembered.  There is a really complicated history of this. Who is right who is wrong, in the end today we have Jews
in Jewersulam pulling the levers of power to make it totally Jewish ground. People who wandered for thousands of years recently found Gold and now they want to make the rules, how audacious.

Do not ask me about Jesus the Jew.  Do not ask a Rabbi about this. They will give you an answer as complete as asking Steve Harper about the Mike Duffy senate appointment. The fact is to the Jews, Jesus is a  Caucasian Santa Claus. Thinkaboot it folks for a minute. If the people there on the ground do not know about him,  and the people who reverb him only discovered him 300 years later we might not be getting the full story from either side. Nevertheless from the time of Constantine forward the Jews killed Jesus. This fact or fictional absurdity is the foundation of the holocaust. We can kill Jews freely and without sin because some Jew in a narrative authorised the killing of a messiah. 

So lets be clear. The people who created the first testament, which is really the only part of the King James Bible that is coherent, killed the messiah and failed to ever mention it. Going forward through history they are the people using  a Linux based code who are considered by Microcontrol to be a rouges  Ipeople app that killed Jesus. The Jesus app had so much potential, anti gravity, element transmutation, and with the healing power to end socialised medicine forever. Despite the fact that the Jesus app has shaped and precisely controlled at least two thousand years of history, the Microcontrol people remain bitter. 
As they have no sense of shame and are immune to best practises they are increasingly embarrassed. Despite the fact most people in power use the Microcontrol app to do business, the Ipeople thrive.  Small in numbers but equipped with better software they dominate the fringes of the Microcontrol world. While Microcontrol despite huge tax breaks continues to make slow progress, the Ipeople flourish and riffinking on the nonsense,  they manipulate Adam Smiths invisible hand with great dexterity. In fact for most of the middle ages handling money was less respected than arbitoriy.

This makes the Microcontrol programmers furious and they declare the Ipeople a virus. So they often through history attempt to purge the Ipeople program from the system. This goes on for centuries but in the end the Ipeople dominate with their clever software and software developers.  How do you develop Ipeople software. As I said it was a closed architecture.  The Jews breed themselves for success. Long before science they knew the DNA is the key to a healthy society.  Some people will say DNA is nonsense. If they can make a good argument for that case I assume they had a great upbringing. For sure DNA is more than half the equation,  but healthy simulation can bring scores up to fantastic all the time. Jews hit both sides all the time since the beginning of time and it made the big thinkers of every age furious.

Now I tell a Lee Kuan Yue  Joke, but it is so instructive. First let me quote a famous Jew.
"You will not get ahead pulling people down into the same hole you are in." That's a fact and a thing about modern politics that should give us all fever.  I am not a worse ass hole than that guy so I should be leader, oh the humanity.

The Lee Kuan Yew joke goes like this. First if you do not know who Lee Kuan Yew is your ignorant. Your letting the world tell you how it spins instead of trying to figure out
why it spins thus. So back to the Joke.

Lee Kuan Yew for all his faults and few foibles really believed in a better life for all. Its really well documented. Sure he cared more about Singapore than the world. However the China of today is built on his legacy and we can only hope they continue to find leaders that had his benevolence. I can not say enough good things about Singapore.

So Lee Kuan Yew is meeting his neighbours in an informal setting. Lets just say
cognac all around. A member, not to be named forever from the ruling Junta of Mymarr
is strutting around Orchard Road using his ill begotten credit card to the max  like a peacock of absurdity. Of course  the former Harry Lee has him targeted just like every other citizen on the constant surveillance network.

After a few co's they speak.
"General baby if you listen to me I can make Myanmar all Orchard road. It will take five to ten years but if you look at Singapore which has no resources you can be assured it will be easier in Myanmar which has a genius booty of low hanging resources we can call dollar fruit."

The General replies " Listen you Jewish Chinese motherfucker, I can make Singapore look like Myramar in two weeks, so shut the fuck up."

The holocaust, the worst stain on western civilisation ever. Why you ask, because by 1930 we knew better. I can forgive arrogant ignorance, but not sophisticated manipulation. A complete an utter breakdown of institutions. A lizard brain factory where the grey zone produced. How could this happen in 1930's Germany? Could it happen again? If I am a Jew should I be wondering if my neighbour will hide me or turn me in?

Just as an aside if I was a Jew today I would be very worried. The Rabbit Bomb is primed and growing bigger everyday. The crazies are massing and if the right needs a sacrificial lamb to hang on Jews will be the first on the skewer. As if you do not know the only reason the American Right clings to you is that they honestly believe only over your dead bodies can they reach heaven. Sick stupid fucks.  The people back home seem to be stuck on the Dig channel. Maybe the Jews born of Diaspora are always in the end going to be that way. Meeting in secret synagogues and chatting with their gentile friends on the fringes of the net.

I tell you right now we are in a pre Holocaust preparation. Snitch lines and reward for reporting trivial stuff. If you see a blank behaving in way that makes you nervous be sure to phone in, I will call you non observant if you do.  I am going to hide my neighbour, Jew , Muslim, Scientology's or Pastifarian because I do not believe in a general roundup.

Now your thinking I am drifting but not really I am still focused on the reason
there was the Holocaust. Its all about vision in my eyes. Who looks at the artwork.
How much value did art have in 1930 compared to today? I say nothing, its like all the hockey cards and comic books your mother threw away.  Taking that into account by my numbers which I have said before are flawed and subjective the Jews in Europe owned about 75% of today's treasured art world. I do not think I have to explain this was not simply due to wealth. Many of the great works were done by Jews, Jews likes art, and Jews in general had the disposable income to buy something most would consider crap but they liked. That said I do not think a Klimt should ever leave Austria. Its complicated.

Magnify this by a society crippled by reparations where the Jews seemed to be the least affected. Put into place a Harper like divide and conquer politician, and soon you have deathcamps as a means of power.

In requiem, the millions and I do not know the number. People make big fusses over whether it was two million or six million or whatever.  After a thousand it becomes a big number. If its government sponsored it becomes a holocaust.  I believe it was likely not six million. Its just my cynicism at work, I in no way would debate the six million number. Nevertheless my final thought on the holocaust is how magnificent Germany today would be with all those Jews.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine has the Fearing. These are the prototypical Jews. Easter Egg to everyone, this race is not Jewish. There are people in our world today who are truly examples of the worst portrait of what it means to be acquisitive.

I should not have to say it if you read my blog religiously. I am a big Jewish  San Francisco cocksucker  NTTIAWWT. I like most Israelis think Netanyahoo is a flawed con man who worked the bushes to make his family name wood. We celebrate Jews every day in our daily life.
Best practises and all that, we could do worse than all be Jews.  Okay I got a problem with the circomemsion. Yet its just another best practise run amok. Kind of like buying booze in the USA, where no matter the age you look, they must ID. If for one we must then we all shall face every indignity to show up in the world as a better place.

We Christians pray that God will forgive us and help us today but at the top of the list
please let the God Bouncers let us into the Heaven Club. Jews pray really hard you can see them everyday working hard at the wailing wall for a better world. I know this for a fact cause on a subway one time I was all alone with a Hassidic Jew for an extended period and I did the natural thing, I talked to him. I wanted to know from this kid what the clothing and the haircut was all aboot. I may disagree with his fashion and style. but in his hopes for the world, we shared a right.

Steve you say why do you care about the holocaust and the true history? I axe myself often, and get some real cuts from that tool. The fact is that I think myself smarter than the average fool. I have seen this world like many before, but I saw it different because that is my wile or illusion of something I believe is understanding.

I do not fear ISIS or NAZI, Republicans or other extremists because I know in the long run
all people are still the same. Like Sting said "we can only hope the Russians love their children too"  Sure I am horrified by the work of terrorists but people this is nothing new. Ask the Archduke Ferdinand. ISIS and Al Queda are terrorism with Madison Ave working pro bono. They thrive on being attacked, I think there was a Star Trek episode that pointed that out in the sixties, yet we continue to walk into the sucker punch.

What I am trying to say in summary is that we will all kill the Jews if we are convinced enough. The Germans are a wonderful people, and IMHO in the 21st Century the star to hang on. So if one man and his will could prostitute this great nation with crude propaganda, image what today's power brokers are doing to your mind today.
Anyone who pumps up the individual is selling you a lie. Great masses of power like
little stand alone flowers when they spread pesticide. No man or women is an island. No matter how great some people are, and their are millions who soar. They did not become successful without you and me, and the people who died to make our institutions, never forget that. Institutions are more important than votes in todays brainwashed economy.

So now that you know the truth as I see it I ask only one thing. Find it for yourself really and next time you have a chance to vote, vote what you truly believe based upon evidence. Its in your hands the worlds future and only you can prevent the next Holocaust.

Forces of Occupation

I do not like to see
the military looking back at me
when I am drinking in the street
it makes me think that I'm a dink
You see the military is great thing
when the bad man comes around
but I get tired of hearing that patriotic
sound when its just voters their
trying to tie down

Germany and Japan its
been sixty years is there any plan
to let them just both be
living what they consider free

Call it what you will 
its just not normal
despite the shill

for anyone country
to have troops in every land
to be the one with the 
whip hand
when the world just wants to spin
and we are now smart enough
to know that religion is the
original sin
or the program that is used
to confuse the mind
enough to see
the power is not being used
for you or for me.

Just like Scotland Democraticly
 at the point of a sword joined the UK
Germany, Japan and Korea
use their democratic will
to pay the USA
to stay

Harpers Mounted Police?

Thomas Walkom points out an eyebrow raising series of action/inaction's by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police that would make even the most jaundiced observer a little more yellow. Has the RCMP been showing at the very least paritisian colours or at the worst nothing less than treason?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

Arguing it flat or round

I mostly stopped listening to Rush Limbaugh when he went cold turkey.  Love him or hate him he was extremely skilled at making nonsense credible and intellectually entertaining.

I had never heard Micheal Savage before this week. Certainly I had heard about him. Calling him a right wing version of Rush Limbaugh is an understatement. Savage is a complicated character, smarter and more compelling than Rush but lacking the humour. They share an absurd Randian view of the world that is a proven failure. Also in common the belief that Gays, Feminists and Hippies have runied the world.

This week he has been saying things I agree with.

1) ISIS is an CIA front. They took over Rushbaldi, captured another huge cache of American weapons with the ease of you cutting your lawn. The huge half mile long victory parade on a clear sunny day was a spectacular target. Yet not one drone missile fell on this opportunity. Of course no one could have expected ISIS would have a victory parade after a major victory. 

2) Medical pot is the real thing.

He also made a real nice argument that Obama is using NAZI tactics to take over America. At its core its all nonsense but he skillfully weaves the parallels of the rise of the Gestapo with the rise of US Federal Police. In this scenario the rioters in Baltimore are the brown shirts and Eric Holder is Goebbels. The plan is to weaken local police forces, just like the NAZI did and give power to federal thugs.

For the most part he sounds like a lucid maniac but I do enjoy his scthicck.

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Bricks and Bats

Another huge brick to the head of the Harper collective. Not content with redrawing the boundaries adding creating new favourable riding's, changing the voting rules to thwart nasty votes, they are now going after public discourse. We will choose the questions and the moderator for the debates. We will put them on platforms where no one will see the actual debate, but we can pick the best moments for our team and make a greatest hits compilation the voters will hear 24/7.

Imagine questions for Harper like, "What makes you such a great strong leader, could Canada be any luckier"  Then for Trudeau, " Why do you hate Canada you filthy commie bastard son of Mick Jagger"

BC doctor claims he can make eyeglasses obsolete. That's a pretty impressive claim I hope its true. Attaboy Doc you have hit one out of the ballpark.

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Living large or living small, both have pains we can not rub out

Hi Optimism Prime,

Hope your eye is better but if not you know you will be a star at talk like a pirate day, done without props. I find it easy to talk to you because thou I have never met you I glottal think we are siblings from something our parents did MICHANICAL in their youth but will never reveal even on the deathbed. No one should regret great sex dispite the inappropriate unsancionted nature of the event. That why I am a brother instead of sperm flushed away.

I am the older brother. The bullshit and blank stares I have endured, you have seen the same thing, but ten years after. People will say he got a advanced degree just like Justin Bieber bought a Lamborghini. Most people who went to university get an arts degree like me and really how hard is that? My generational prejudice tells me grade inflation means

my 70's BA is like something past a Phd today. But I know deep down thats not really true. I got a good education which for the most part taught me how to learn. But more importantly and I am sure you have noticed it directed me to question everything like a four year old child. I am not sure without secondary education I would have the faith

to stand my ground on things I can not understand, but know enough to know, the bullshit meter is registering green. Green mean go. When it comes to corporate growth cycles in the resource sphere that's not good for the planet. When I a talk to you I realize I am preaching to the choir, but I am sloppy in my arguments every day, so I sometimes come off as condensing, and that is just one more badge I got to wear on my conservative row. The real con is that we are all marks for the great personality measurement and tailoring brain trust. Without violating my privacy or personal space, there are corporations out there that know one of two things. He has no choice but lets make him think he does,

or I know you so well I can sell you anything, cause the lizard brain even over a billion years of evolution has not changed. Slavery has mostly disappeared because marketing has less transactional costs involved to get the same outcome.

The Chinese symbol for crisis and opportunity is the same dammed glyph. Talk about a six thousand year empire of enigma. Its the kind of thing that drives me crazy. In the deep traffic of the traffic code of humanity everything is written in ambiguity. You do not have to be caustic to not want some surety. IMHO that's the biggest problem with our current civilization. We bring up every child in the belief they can all be a president or an astronaut or anything they believe. But the fact is we are a rube Goldberg contradiction of:
various races, intelligence, interests and oligopoly. As far as I am concerned the term is only a cover for the fact we are still ruled my monarchy. The only difference is we never know who is the king, yes the king, there are no women at the table of life as we know it, sons only apply to lead the illuminati.

I am a great conspirthy theorist. It gives me closure for having a history degree.
At one time someone like Blondfied could have really existed. In the sixties and seditions anyone with half a brain and half the knowledge we have now could have easily constructed a sustainable criminal and stock market picking with great success based upon their external action enterprise.Optmus Prime that is exactly what the stock market is today. Valuations mean nothing its all high school. Its like selling a seat at the lunch table.
Now that I have geared you up for some seminal desertion I have to say
that I want to tell you something about my daily existence, or in the popular culture vent. I may be do spell check, but some word will not synch with events.

I originally sat down at the keyboard to discuss with you Game of Thrones episode five. I know you had to watch the first four in order because as a lawyer you can never acuminates human need over justice. Cheap shot my friend. Not directed at you but your profession. Its way more evident in the medical class. Okay you save human life and you expect to be paid? We may have a sense of entitlement problem we should had off to the cons to solve real quick. There is a name for that solution, its called anarchy.

I don't know how to keep this short, I just got so much to say. But episode five of Game of Throneswas great
they took the book, and moved in a better way. We can do the same rewrite in our own lives just knowing the script better. Thank you Tony Robbins but this is anti the advice you say.

As you know now I work in a call center making just above minimum wage. Poor Steve having to work for some money after a lifetime of privilege. Honestly Optimums Prime it makes me feel refreshed. I am like the oldest guy they have ever met. So far I am a selling star, but the order entry system is driving me mad, because in this environment I am like Spock its not logical.

I am a subcontractor for the MAN. No really ViginA Communications. Its so funny but I can not laugh at work about it. There propoganda is filled with all kinds of double entre. I will problably get fired for pointing this out. But in the meantime i WILL  be laughing all the way to the electronic bank, banking all this miniumum wage plus everyday I show up.

Anyway everyone is aware of this. I am in week three of my interment. My little fill of the glass of dignity is that I am a call center star. I am the DDD of VIGINA communication.
Optmus Prime I hate to talk realistically. My particular brilliance had a timestamp. I expired five years ago. I can admit to a brother I never had that fire in my belly to have a leer jet. Maybe one that took me to a country where the women were exceptional, but fact of the matter I get this at home.

I am living in Canada Terms very well. My house has a pool and my kids are fully funded working on advanced degrees. I am the richest person I know but then agian I barely know myself.

Saturday, 16 May 2015

Do you realize yuour life i baed upohbn science denial

The world as we know it is fucked\s'
acknowledge this full wall
it will make no difference
it ytu believe, TT
we are all way to dependet\
on the log in screeb
darkest moments
for the well adjustedd

Friday, 15 May 2015

Habs Post Season Excessplation

First I am sorry I cant always look at the bright side of the road to the cup. 
Overall is was a very good season so we should be more than grateful. Clearly Montreal is in the fast lane of the Hockey autobahn. We are driving a very fast well equipped Volkswagen with stopping power better than any other wheels currently in contact with the ice. The question is how do we trade up to an Audi or similarly specifically engineered masterpiece that can break on through any speed trap a Chocula like Klingon can record and practise like the Bible is their notebook?

Collectively everyone has been biting their tongue practically in half trying to be good team players, Now that prohibition is over and its time for a end of season rant.

If I see David Dayhardnne at centre next year I am going to lose it. Take any triple AAA peewee team in North Mercia, or Europe put DDD on it and he would still be the smallest player on the ice. I am not an analytics above all advocate but DDD places at number 399 out of 400 players with similar ice time and PP opportunities. Is there some rule that says DDD does not have to take a shot on goal during five on five play?

If DSP shows up at camp with a body fat index higher than Rob Ford he should be waived faster than PFK's one timer. He aint heavy he is the Fat Smith-Pelly brother of Albert. The only player in the NHL to wear stretchy turkey pants does not belong in Montreal

If the PP looks like it was designed by a dog trainer with a fondness for chasing cars I with have to wear depends to contain my spontaneous urination of frustration.

If the only place Lars Eller sees some PP is watching the video post game I am going to smash my prized Lego Death star to pieces while cursing EMpty as part of the dark side of the MAN's humanity.

When ever rush by PK leaves him as alone as Fat Steve at a Greenpeace 42O celebration I will self medicate with extreme prejudice to prevent myself from going off the rails like freight train riding the rickety rails maintained by the dictates of the stock market.

If I see CHucky forced to play the game like a Bishop or a Knight instead of the Queen on a board with weak pawns, I am going to seriously damage some game icons.

Thursday, 14 May 2015

Revolution comming to the USA?

There is a case for that. Much of America is more 3rd than first world and the gaps increase daily with no political solution in sight.

The people at the top seem to be preparing for war at home.

Climate Change no problem if the earth only has a few million inhabitants

Could it be that why the people in charge are doing nothing, is they have a plan B? The technology is already there for billions of robots to support millions of citizens in ultimate luxury. How to rid thyselvef of the pesky slums?

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Green Goodness

Companies that have sustainability at their core. (Oracle not so much) It proves the bottom line grows faster with green than carbon black.

H/T Oldphartte

A post about Star Wars and Internet sustainability

A double Hat tip to the Laughing Squid. Did you know the Internet uses more juice than a fleet of Death Stars?

If a compilation of Star Wars sounds makes you tingle.

Goverment by showbusiness

Its nothing new. The war hero is more valuable on the bond field than the battlefield. This week the mind reels absorbing how far we have come. All those military spectacles at sports events are paid advertising. Yes the billionaire owners managing mostly temporary millionaires are receiving millions of dollars a year each to stage military pageantry at the big game. 

Remember the movie Zero Dark Thirty, which begot the even more odious American Sniper, well both are way closer to fiction than truth. In the case of the killing of Osama Bin Laden the truth may never come out. The best scenario I can piece together is that Osama was being held prisoner by the Pakistani Secrect Service. Someone squealed and got the $25 million dollar reward. Obama ordered a prison break, that went bad. Osama was supposed to have been killed in Afghanistan. The torture yeilded zip, the telecoms magic, zip. It was greed that got Osama. Perhaps the war on terrorism would be more effective if we just spent half the money on bribes?

The world used to reflect reality, now its swims in manufactured facts.

Sunday, 10 May 2015

The Stuipid part about our new security

No real terrorist will ever own a cellphone or talk in a way that a data network could detect. SO what are they fishing for, power my friends that would make J Edgar Hoover look like a man in a dress captured on video by a higher power.

Cocks rule America and by extentison when they are hard on the world

Cox Commnications
Kock Brothers
Verizon Cocks services
its all a big cock in your face
as a citizen
and the natural reaction
is to suck it given
the enviorment in which it
is shown
deep oppression
and Orwellian commands
to the Lizard Brain.
I love Cocks
they make life possible

I want to help

there is something in our UNIVERSIAL DNA
that says how can I help
when we are human we
help each other
in a specail way
that places us
at the top of the food chain
never forget that 
there  is no mystery 
that humans
have done amazing stuff
based upon not being
greedy with know how

So FUCK tghe4 TPPP
its going to give corporations
those personhods who never die
the right to sue us backwards and forward
to do things that many scientest say
will make us die

Saturday, 9 May 2015

My sorta Jewish Lawyer advises me aboot the top ten reasons I am not a Jewish lawyer

1)Drugs and alcool. This is a hazard but you have survied that critical period of being stoned and drunk for years.

2) Got nothing to say really thats revelvant in this universe.  No you are fully engaged saving internet orphans and babies daily.

3)Hate my profession because its soul sucking, See number two

4) I am really fucking smart and have money and I seek no more. In this case your like me in one and  three.

5) People do not understand me when I talk smart, and talking stupid
is so much work.

6)Pioneers or change advocats get major arrows, its like Vikings when they went down the gangway and the French hit them with those four foot long arrows.

7)I got so many degrees I can not fit them on a biz card in a logical layout
I always forget to mention the MBA cause it seems to me like piling on.

8)Speaking two languages fluently is highly suspect to CISIS.

9)You want me to manage people, including someone like Steve
no fucking way. But I would fire him with full pension.

10) There is more to life than this one universe, I know that
so how hard should I work for the clown that control our world.

I want a lambo so bad I will leave my comfort zone filled with entiltlemt potholes

I never had a seventh birthday
the age of majority in your
i was stuck at sixteen'
for me it meant freedom
in this world
i could drive a car
and wander
far and star
in my own life
from different locations
and then come back 
home without additional
support when it was
time to sleep

Age of majority means
nothing when there is 
no real law
its all a side screen
for pretending
that adolescents
are going to be well
because we legislated that
there is a fucking law 
against that child
if you can not listen to
me listen to the government
they are shopping at my store
and your an embarrassment with 
your boycott
of things 
that are just done that way

We can fill a full free drop box
full of the bullshit that passes
for laws written with such a narrow
scope law students think they are 
bad law 
until they are paid to write them
in concrete reinforced with tatami
a bunker of entiletlemetn even 
Iron Man could not penetrate
but is that a decision
he would every decide
given he is 1%
and he like toys
that are worth more
than the GDP of

Friday, 8 May 2015

Hate thougt

Who decides its a bad idei
we can work this out
in the areena of public opinion

Omar Kadar Hero or Villian

Well neither.  Lets assume for the sake of argument he killed an American Soldier. In my mind this could never be proven (torture confession aside)  in a court of law. Also it could never be pr oven that Omar would have killed a thousand American soldiers if he could. In my mind both statements are correct.

This happens every day in a war, but Afghanistan was not a war. This is all bullshit. It was and remains a war.

He was 15, we spend millions it seems successfully rehabilitating child soldiers,  he was a poster child for that label.

The Canadian Justice system gave him bail. That should not be questioned by the government. Citizens are free to launch but the Government should keep its mouth shut and influence at arms lent when it comes to institutions. Harper is the only PM in History that did not get that brief.

So now he is out on bail. He has not responsibility to do anything except obey the law. I would like to see him call out 15 year old jihads and nihilist but that is me.

I hate what his family represents and the opinion that makes me angry 
they spew. However I thought that was what we are fighting for?

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

life is now during wartime:know your role

We all need descriptions in the future. Just like today no one is happy unless they have the proper label.

Deliriously unaffected
working for the above
seriously in the know
but taking money from above
solid citizen working for the government
solid citizen working for the man
at less wages with no pension
or benefits
generally fucked by wage slavery
and lack of world class housing
or water
ask the children in the Ukraine
how standing up for non Russia
made a better parade in real life
today not a half century away
if at all.
we got to take what we have
and treasure it because its our life
the solutions we dream about
for our children are just dreams
and mostly will never come about
live for today in a sensible way
and the world will spin
in a sustainable way
and our children will
enjoy the life
we knew

Monday, 4 May 2015

Whats the diffreance between Mike Duffy and Steve Harper?

Duffy has natural hair.

Sex Education used as a wedge issue

Do conservative never thing about the outcomes? If you want to prevent, teenage pregnacy, transmission of STD and predjuce against the LGBTQ sex education is the front line weapon. Its another case of science against superstition. People are animails and children often see dogs fucking. To the untrained eye it may look anal. How petty of the Conservatives to us bioliogy as a wedge issue.

In this matter the Taliban or ISIS are in lock step with the people wedging Canadians against common sense.

Kids need to know the facts about life. When is to early?  Well we have spent billions to decide that. But all that research aside what harm could come to a child learning the truth about humanity? Science is pretty certian about facts, do you think your children can not handle the truth?

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Eliminate the breeding ground in a sustianable way

Thats the solution to lifes problems
why can we not make it that way?

How sure are you about going there

They and we will always say 100%
when the decision is made
or 110% if you are seeking 
the support of the rehtoricaly rich
but mathimaticaly challanged

The problem with this kind of emotion'
is the facts just do not add up
and you can walk a path
10% outside reality for some 
but sooner rather than later
the phycics come home
like a pendulum
and make everyone
wonder why
we went on this journey
under a false sky
where the sun rose
in the west

I am a thief not a murderer

Card on the table where all is visible not on the street where justice is blind

I am a thief not a murderer
I have committed property
sins against the homeland
now its entirely fair
the justice system take
me by the hair
and give me a new style
the question is what should it be

A Mohawk, a brush cut, shaved head
or business casual?
The justice system is pure style
do you want to make offenders
work to take off on the runway
or walk the plank
in disbelief

Do you take a thief and make
them a murderer
a ass raped degenerate
that will never again
operate properly

Or do you take someone
who crossed the line
and teach them how to colour
and give them some future
despite the fact they had
one time had 
a criminal mind

In the USA rape in prison is
seen as just punishment
thinkaboot that
In Canada our current government wants
to copy that
because we really have not
crime and its proven 
that following the USA
will give the Government more
bad guys to put away.

In Europe especially Scandinavia
they see crime of some kind of
tear in the soci economic fabric
and it needs to be mended 
like killing the dandilions 
on your lawn
you can blast them 
with herbicide and kill
and sicking your neighbourhood
with the blow back
or you can take out each 
one by hand
and let the grass know
your a caring man

No more carding
no more false arrest
every citizen is part 
of a big protest
thats real justice
because in the end
life is not fair
but we must
do the best 
we can
and for that
we need an intelligent

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Loving Cup

when the shit decision comes down
no matter how bad it stinks
the master thinks its
good and the people and player
scurry like ants in a magnifying glass
to make this will a fact.

This is life from our parents at the first
level then our council person
leading to the mayor
and next our member of regional council
who wants to be in the state Assembly or in
Canada a MPP
After that we have the feds who rule everything
because they have our money and tell us how
to spend it on their personal shiney things

There was a time when leaders could be fallible
and cabinet ministers fell on their swords
when the government fucked up
but today a billion dollar disaster
that could have been seen
from zero altitude is treated
as a branding opportunity
to place another tattoo
on the lizard brain
 with laminating opportunities to the horizon
for the media virtual and hard printing company
that is the paid media today
who has increasingly only one good customer