Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Freeze your eggs and sperm!

This is a modern response to an age old biology.  Good DNA has an expiry date.
The best DNA is in teenagers. In a world full of problems what a solution. All be it a little Aldus Huxley.  At puberty every citizen is harvested for eggs and sperm. Some of this life will be personal, others will belong to the goverment. Yes the goverment will use eggs and sperm to create super citizens. Some would say this is a slippery slope to genetic manipulation. No its natural selection on steroids.
These super kinder will be raised by super nannies, like Enders Game. If we want to be competitive we can not have a DNA gap. Other cultures have practiced this in a rudimentary fashion for millions of years. Western liberals are all tea party logic on progeny.

The money shot of this policy is that you must pass a test to be a parent. The bottom line is can you love and support offspring? The world is full of useless people we need a better system to survive.


  1. I think I am already too late. Dammit!

    1. Your damaged DNA might be useful. I will try and get goverment funding for your contribution.