Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Gia strikes back global warming is just the icing on the cake

gia strikes back
its just like Avatar
but on our own planet
It has been infected
with a killer parasite
that respects no boundary

Yes that is us
us humans
the homo sapiens
who gather in groups
and sometimes
fuck each other up the ass

I am not anti Gay or the whole
alphabet of what people feel
as their sexual identity.
I say its just one more symptom
of a planet sick of human

There was a garden of Eden
and it lasted in human terms
for at least a million years
Humans lived as animals
as part of the food chain
life was good
there was no stress
Look at the Greeks
and wonder
despite all their success
they invented
Greco roman wrestling?
Was that maybe the
big hole that
led to their

Gay people are defects
its not natural to want to
fuck the same sex
Yet it exists
and even though
I do not believe in
Gods plan
If you believe in God
you must admit
its natural

Gay people are a reaction
to something wrong
with the planet action
a kind of safety valve
to keep the ship
from sinking
because they
put in great service
and for the most part
do not place their children
in places
that will make
the world worse.

Planet Gia
is striking back
we can not fight against
these attacks

Time to roll with punches
and keep humanity moving
forward with authoity

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