Friday, 24 October 2014

Dump and Chase

I am a experienced hockey fan. Dump and chase has always been an insult to hockey. Its like a golfer shooting into the woods on purpose hoping he will get a good bounce and can recover. Its a hail Mary without the pass aspect.

Coaches dump and chase because its safe. If the puck is not in our end we are safe. In Ruby they might boot the ball to get field position. So if you dump and chance and get an offensive face off that's a worthy goal. If you dump and chase to wear out a defense that's a worthy goal. If you dump and chase expecting to score that's lunacy. Old time players would never give up the puck. The Russkies took Team Canada to the brink with puck possession. Detroit has remained a threat by preaching procession. Now the wiz kids come in and tell us they have found something new. No they have found something stupid done for years because it was easy. I say stupid from a fan perspective. The most important analytic is the win colostrum. The dump and the trap are great equalizers but they are not hockey.

Hockey today is elite at every position. The skill level is off the charts all round.
So to carry the puck across the blue line is mostly certain to get a hit on the dreaded turnover. Yet to dump and chase is the same gamble but with way less chance of scoring on a hockey play reward. Hockey is a chess game today. But the dump and chase is not the strategy of grand masters.

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