Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Ban the Burka?

Wow thinkaboot any more conflicted thought. The government should have no business telling me what to wear, like gold stars for example? So Angela Merkel wades into this minefield of political correctness, a talisman of societal cohesion.

Despite the expressed free will of the women who wear it, there is no way to scientifically express anything but disgust at this fashion. It serves the purpose of one sex. It defines anti social control mechanism. Ban the Burqa! (I wonder how Daniel Greenfield would react to the last paragraph)

I would go even farther. If you work for the government.  That means you work for the people. People who work for the people should be secular in act and deed. No religious or political symbolism on the job. If you don't like it work for the private sector. The Kock brothers are always hiring.

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