Monday, 12 December 2016

Love poles in the future are all carbon fiber

I do not care a rats ass
about what you believe
you can practise Voodoo
or ride on flying carpets
and I am non pulsed

the time that gives me
anxiety yot should
that we need all
kinds of diversity
to prevent the
seventh collapse
and no matter
what God you
we are now
all on his
with no
help from

I love me God\
because its
he hates and loves
me like a perfect
or something with
more gender
the end result
is that together
we are within
the range of Godlike
and that makes
me smile
and bare my
crooked teeth
with joy
that I am carbon
as a mask
and your
are all

least we forget the little island nation of England
conquered the world with a face better
than Neegan but the same tactics
imagine that gamers
people are really
such sheeple
they will let anything
go by for so long
by the time they
think it matters
the battle is
long gone

Today the world is in a flux
I could have said Toyota
because that our future
in the best case
a life of wonderful

I admire and respect the Japanse
but its a death sentance for humans
robots love it
excuse me for being racist
but the leaders of slanty eyes
have programmed
their wonderful beautiful
leading communtiy
into exticticion
and no one ever saiddeddd
that being slatnity eyed
was a genetic
no more a personal perefreance
about what a face
should look like
and I for one
think that a slantey eyed
person has ever chance
to be viewied by the general
population as beauty
number one
or at the least
there is no person
who was chossing
by appearance
who would not
want to be

The winning begins
at the factory
we got to eat
we got to clother
other than
that we could be
living the way
a humanity
will need to
live on outrpace
or Mars
but as for the
American Nation
I predict
they will desend into
civil war
very soon
with much less
reason than\
but still
a society based
upon low

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