Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Snow Mexican Daily Diary Day 10 ish

What if Trump shorted Boeing before he tweeted? What if Trump decides the world will take a haircut on US debt, what would his kids pre announcement reaction be totally blind trust wise?

Why does Trump respond to SNL trolling? Is it to establish a Reagan like veneer of clownish incompetence? While we are all laughing he is making out like a bandit of misdirection.

Every change of administration has loads of dirty laundry found in the closets. How its washed tells you what kind of fashion will be in style for at least four years. Trump has more dirty linens than the 1.1 million rooms making up the Marriott group. Four example the Obama administration added $9 trillion in debt over eight years, effectively doubling the debt load he inherited. Try and figure out where this money went? You think it would be news? Trump will make Obama look niggardly. Reagan is the template for Trump. Reagan despite IMHO being one of the worst Presidents of all time is beloved. Does anyone wonder after making money what Trump loves most?

So many cans kicked down the road forever, what happens when the road ends?

The anaemia of the week came from China. Does anyone really think Trump just took a call from Taiwan? Its as believable as thinking before the invasion of Iraq, GWB did not know about Sunni and Shia. Methinks Trump may be playing with the bull, and usually that ends in getting the horns. America is the struggling farmer and China is the bank ready to forclose on the ranch. Except the rancher is armed to the teeth and willing to fight to cling on to what he believes to be truer than economics.

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