Friday, 23 December 2016

It looks so much like Christmas but its all a great lie, the only one I really love

When Constanitine decided to win hearts
and minds he concentrated on Christmas
because he was a mass malipultaor
no suprise he ran a
fucking empire

Everybody loves a holiday
but to make it real
you have to give it
a purpose
and what better
than the birth of the
saviour of the world
Who even to this day
could seriously top[

I am not going to dip my
toe into the toxic swamp
that is religion
or mind control
of people who
are looking
to be sheeple
cause their minds
never fully develolped
to the thinking thing
beyond mathatics and spelliing
and good arguments
just realization
thats the car
you got to park

So anyone who has
ever read my blog
and taken the time
to thinkaBOOOT
WHAT it takes
to shake it
I applaud
and even those
who think I
am crazy and
there are no Nazi
at the south pole
I just want to say
sincerly with all my
heart thank you.
Thank you for taking the time
to consider
you have not
seen elsewhere
in situ
or never

I really do not have
a flying fuck idea
of what the fuck
is happening
consider me the
under equipped
assinged to
forcast hell

happy holidays
and all the ethnic greating
that is the same
we are all the same
at Christmas
and that is my
Christmas wish
that we all realize
we got a short time
and killing people
or making them live
is not human
its great ape
so people
please evole

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