Sunday, 17 November 2019

Snowmexician, I come to praise Trump not bury him edition

Kabuki, Kabuki Kabul Cabal
captures the holi poli in its
headlights as the secret world
turns on more important
lies and misdemeanors
the machine trying to
repair the cracks in the
reality distortion field
that Trump Tweeks

Trump is the mule
Trump is the mule
Image result for Foundation and Empire
You cant kill the mule
You cant ride the mule
you can just watch the load
it carries with amazement

Is it Ukraine, where there has
always been one place

or Venezuela 
or even Israel he 
seeks to free
Trump is not 
a man like
you or me

When Trump has
destroyed everything
will anything grow
Or will we sink down
a new dark age 
ruled by the power
of social credits
and AI

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