Saturday, 30 January 2021

Take out the luggage and no one can pack


We are living in a real world

with facts like gravity

and rare metals

and the cost of everything

but the price of nothing

except what the witch

doctors of wall street

tell us to be true

thats its not so huge

Ponzi scheme backed up

by the fire power that

could create the biggest flop ever

and just continue because the excees

is alyways to much

but always welcomed

by the bunch

of people who

decide which 

weapon system will 

live or die

and the band played

on and we got

the F35

the princess of  planes

in the hanger and

the turkey of planes

in the air

its like a daytona car going against

a Porsche in confronting ablity

no sieve no hurt doing 220

on the auto bahn in a Porsche

but try that will a Gremlin

the firepower

to make the devil

go home


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