Sunday, 31 January 2021

Here I am near the end of my life

Okay I am only 63 and I feel 14 but

still time will take my feelings

and give me such a hard time

I will need a doctor

for the time crimes

I think I have got ten years

left of being me the same

person who came from the womb

and became whole at 16

I dont care to be 90 in a home with 

a tube in my arm and a camera

on me saying how happy I am to

keep breathig and eating and

sometime understanding video

but I am sure I will always

remember music and 

where it took me 

in my short

life even

betoveen centuries before

will make me rock

until it all breaks down

physicals mental the whole

damm yard will just'

slip away like a huge

personal unavailable


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