Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Heart of Darkness Rabbit Bomb Blues

The Heart of Darkness Rabbit Bomb Blues. Israel has a commanding lead of facts on the ground; Palestine has the biggest heart of darkness. July 6, 1989 the black heart of war darkened measurably. Abd al-Hadi Ghanayem was the sharp point of the spear killing 16 in the Tel Aviv Jerusalem bus 405 suicide attack. This terrible execution of total war was a brilliant asymmetric attack on Israel. There are no rules in a fight to the death, only an outcome. Every time Palestine lowers the bar, Israel falls deeper into the darkness. Megalomaniacal tyrants thrive in dark bloody prolonged take no prisoners give no quarter fights. Democracies grow into hypocritical doppelgangers. Fortunately democracies can recover their humanity, but only at the cost of generations of loss. May 15, 2011 the black dilemma for Israel masticated. Hundreds of unarmed Palestine’s breached Israel’s borders, leaving only one option, kill the intruders. It appears Palestine is about to push the button on the rabbit bomb.

Rabbit bombs are a demographic explosion of population at a rate opponents are unwilling to match. The Irish have essentially recaptured Northern Ireland by out birthing the English invaders. In Kosovo the same tactic will inevitably annex part of Serbia. The relative yawn that greets the English Queens visit to Ireland is astonishing if viewed in the context of the Israeli – Palestine conflict. Such a future seems impossible for the mid east. Democracy only exists on one side, the hearts are far blacker, and perhaps most importantly the Palestinians have never enjoyed a middle class existence.

It is only a matter of days before millions of Palestinians in Gandhian suicide march attempt to drop the rabbit bomb on Israel. Prepare for the apocalypse.


Obama throws Israel under the bus, calls for 1967 borders to be base of negotiations. It turns out the Arab spring is the fall for Israel. I would like to offer all Israeli Canadian passports today, never to soon to start.


  1. Wow, followed your link from Frum Forum. This is some whacked out stuff, really.

  2. @Jakenheimer - perfect endorsement thank you.