Monday, 30 May 2011

Dangers of Dick Dialing

Apparently this while this Conservative candidates phone was in his pocket it not only took a picture of his privates but also posted them on his twitter, account. Certainly dick dialing can be even more embarrassing than butt dialing.
He is so lucky the flash did not go off, third degree burns are painful.
Updated May 31, 2010.

Okay on the third try the true story comes out. A group of men dressed like Japanese Anime characters stole the phone and one of them lay in a expensive hotel room on the bed and took a full length picture of themselves, then posted it. Being a great guy even after finding this photo on his site he did not call the police.

This is a clear cut rebuttal or example of how the left always gets the shaft from the Main Stream, Right wing controlled media. This story died with almost no legs, a similar story about Mr Wiener, is the top story in the USA. The difference Wiener is a Liberal.

Update June 7, 2001
Wiener was giving us the shaft all along. Showing your package casually on line is an embarrassment to men. The reason that men do it is obviously it does get some results. As an old acquaintance told me, every girl he talked to he would ask for sex, he said he got a lot of slaps in the face, but a lot of sex as well. Wiener and Farve have likely had many a touchdown with this in your face tactic, but in the digital world instead of a slap in the face from one person, you become a disgrace in the whole world.

Men should remember the most horrific scence in the movie Aliens was essentially a penis breaking through the chest of astronaut Drake.

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