Sunday, 20 September 2020

For me to opine about the supreme court would be like a house painter from the 1920 criticing Picasso


I have seen many old masters

in person from about two feet

away and stared hard every time

as long as did not weird

so my mind is full

of artistical appreciation

my ID you say

The venus du milo

okay its a sculputre

the mona lisa

the last supper

and the one that blew

me always

Rembrandts Last Watch

Its the size of a movie


and all that beaty

so what can I say

as a Canadian

about the death

of Justice Ginsberg

well she tried hard

and maybe if the earth

rolls round long

enough we will

see some justice

but for now

its Game of Thrones

with nerve gas

and submariens

I think the first

side to get a dragon


or is digging dragon tunnels

enough to win

If you love Jesus

or Allah or Buddah enough

that you will kill others

just to make them

yield to what you

want them to believe

I say God

would not approve..

Dirty laundry flying in my

face comming over my property

line and I can never take offence

because my neighbor

is the USA


three cheers for the myth and the truth

about that country

its the finest place every invented

for those who are inventive

its a great place for the next tier and 

I dont know how many tiers down

but when you fall between 1 and 3

you fucked

So do we need this idea

of success to be our lighthouse

of course not

most civilized nations of non diverse

backgrounds have found that some

strong elements of socialisms temper

capitalism like hard steel

and make a smaller rod

worth more

and allow brains

to keep producing

The supreme court in the USA

is a moral swamp of partisim ship

and lacking in any original thought

because even though they disagree

about the margin

all 12 are on the same page

all they disagree with is the edit

Last year Obama had a chance even

months before to appoint

and the Republican's blocked


and all the most high and mighty

in the land

and every great mind

that could be found

to fill 24 7 news

did profound

and in the end it was

agreed the people

must vote for the next supreme

This time is vice versa

and the same people are taking the

same opposite view

except this time 

more convection

to wipe out

the past swipe

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