Wednesday, 9 July 2014

End times for Isreal

its end times for Israel
the facts of history
are comming home
and it will not be swell

Gaza is blowing up
and the Hamas still suck
But so does Lukid
and both sides fail to remember
the other side has kids
If only the Russians loved their
children was true

the world is full of colours
but humanity is all really grey
Yet when the time comes for action
its always black and white

Who was wrong, who was right
when the blades come out
this is no longer a debatable
part of the fight

A fight to the death
has no rules
as long as your not suicidal

This is my final solution
an easier cure than stopping

One side must yield
and the one that's does
is the one less
likely to succeed

For four hundred years
and hundreds of fortnights
of blood
The Irish fought the English thugs
Now there is peace
despite the logic
its only because the English
have been rabbit bombed away

These were two people
were hardly divided
if culture was the knife

That's the reason to abandon hope
in the middle east.
First amongst the problems
is the combatants have no place to withdrawal
land is in your blood
its the source of architecture
no people are going to give up
their castles in the sky

People are not rational and they will cling to the land
Those who will not change
we must abandon

My solution is simple
and will cost less
than the people of  Boston paid
for the big move progress

Canada is not even scratched the surface
of sustainable humanity
Either all the Jews
or Muslims
move to Saskatoon
to live in a world class
planned community

Me I been everywhere
I think I understand
how the man makes the plan
It does not matter if you pay
a thousand dollars a month
for a flat in London , or Hong Kong,
or Manhattan
your living in poverty
free the masses
and war no longer becomes
the first choice when leaders
lose authority

Thinkaboot Germany today
how hard they would want
to change the past
to have six million Jews
working in their socialist
future that has passed 
in tandem with countervailing relativity
and now seems
to be a Bismark dream
destined to last.

Some times great leaders 
make a positive impact
and I don't know if 
Bismark ever held a rank 
above cabinet minister
buy he worked into time
a cabinet that makes
us all shine.

So to stop killing the potential
lets make the investment
camels on the wheat field
will make the wheat kings
Laugh and joy producing happiness
Its all possible
if we can act
we need smart leaders to
wrestle the backlash
Willing to ride the train needed to
fulfill the potential of the future
not just repeat the past
because it lets them
cling to power
which in the long scheme of things
is not going to be remarked kindly
by our children
who will take us
to Gods porch
doing the math
calculating the angles
and making the future

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