Wednesday, 30 July 2014

canadians for foreskins

anal sex exists spreads due to lack of foreskins, circumcision is making us Gay and or perverts NTTAWWT
" exclusive interview with porn star who had to cut to stay in the anal game"

pleasure deprived citizens more likely to vote conservative, might be a correlation to foreskin removal , just saying

temporary weakness arms and wrists linked to masturbation  with no foreskin. Scientist searching if this is widespread amongst practitioners or just restricted to those cut off.

Moneyball analysis  of NHL players says circumcised players have not shot.
Montreal Canadians suing doctor who approved the Mexicant.

Women want to have YaYa surgury if married to circumcised male imperiling our heath care system

printed foreskin surgery replacement seen as economic boost. Premier says a million foreskin replacements will roll back the deficit.

You can spot a terrorist by his foreskin or lack thereove. Agent Glanis reveals "I could see from the scan he had no foreskin, thats what clued me in to the three sticks of dynomatie shoved up his ass". If you chose to be circumstanced Homeland is going to know your ass! Do not worry about whats in your laptop, care more about whats in you underwear bitch!

Condom makers in conspiracy to eliminate foreskins,  in their defence they say " look at tube is easy a water tower is hard"

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