Saturday, 12 July 2014

Climate Change Hits Hard in Nevada

If you really want to understand the pickle the Southwest USA is now in watch Cadillac Desert.  Its a fascinating 1997 documentary  about water management. Red Red Flags should be going off all over America. Twenty five % of America's agricultural output is produced in deserts. When things can no longer move forward they stop.

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  1. It was when I was reading International Rivers' account of the construction of dams in the Himalayas that the penny dropped : one connecting diverse threads like dredging the ships' channel in the Mississippi for decades leading to loss of delta deposits and the final effects of Hurricane Katrina ( combined with infrastructure neglect ) destroying the shipping heart of the USA, New Orleans ( something still in the future but inevitable ). Water Warfare is at work regardless of where it takes place.
    It's a great show you have posted here.