Wednesday, 8 April 2015

Je Suis Valentina

Penny put it all together and I am riffing off that. 

Harper said you will not recognize Canada when I am finished. We are now seeing just what that means in terms of soft power projection. Harper's use of wedge and attack, silence and dismiss, act and not think now has a public profile. The unlikely spear carrier; the flat note played by Toronto Symphony Orchestra. Its clearer ever day that Harper must be stopped: Oct 2015 the people take back their country, and restore the culture of democracy to our society.

All Valentina has been saying is that war is wrong, the Maiden movement has a disturbing number of suspicious characters in its camp, and the best solution for Ukraine would be a federal system not unlike a country called Switzerland or CANADA! Yes under Harper advocating for Canadian Federalism is forbidden speech. Yap for democracy!


  1. Love it, Steve
    What she did is no different then what you and I do, express distress/disgust over what is going on in our home countries
    She didn't politicize this issue- the symphony did and who ever they caved to
    Obviously she can play the musical instrument required for the job and that should have been the only consideration of the symphony
    too bad the played politics based on the 'free speech' meme

  2. Thanks Penny and it seems the overwhelming sentiment on this is that the TSO was way out of the line that is drawn in Canada. I even heard Bill Carroll in conversation with her saying it stunk.
    Even CTV is covering the story: Massive fail fat facsit bastards!