Sunday, 19 April 2015

No one could have predicted, Who I tell you no one

Who could have predicted the new boss would be same as old boss!

Okay maybe anyone who really like the movie Gunga Din.  We no have learned, or are being spoon fed the reason that the mysterious ISIS is so capable. No folk, so CIA here, no covert aid, no outside help. It seems that Saddam's previous Black Ops people, and in the previous Iraqi Administration that was just about everyone are now running ISIS. Who could have predicted that leaving an entire group of psychopaths would have dire consequences. You see government just cant learn. Condi Rice could never have predicted that the drills they ran about hijacked airliners would ever come true. They only did those drills because they had extra money in the budget and it was use it or lose it.

When the surge made allies of all the former Batista and gave them a new power base no one could have predicted that the former Baath party would re assert itself with a more populist face. No one could have predicted that the rag tag Iraq Shite army would dissolve at first blood leaving the ISIS creation with Gods own armour(y).

No one would believe that the leader of ISIS is a Mossad agent. That would be fiction stranger than truth.

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