Thursday, 22 March 2018

John Bolton review of top war movies

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I gotta admit I love war movies
they are humankind at the worst
trying to do the best
with crazy orders
and as far as I can
see war movies'
have prevented more
wars than they started

1) Apocaplse Now

Its the Conrad Heart of Darkness
used as a platform to explain
the Vietnam war. Like the statue
of David it stripped everything
away and just left the dark.

2) Saving Private Ryan

This is a good old boys movie
that tugs at every heartstring
and the enemy was univeral
in its evil.

3) Platoon

Smoking thia stick through the shotgun
barrel after combat to combat
the PTSD
it was a horror movie
of a war and Platoon
documented it in carbon fiber

4) The Green Beret

A John Wayne CIA propaganda
film for sure with David Jensen
and it rocked. If you want to know
why we like to fight, watch this movie.

5) Enemy at the Gate

The Russians refused after ever waterboarding
to surrender to the NAZI. Despite their faults
this movie tells you the Russians are not 
a people you want to triffle with.

6) Starship Troopers

Yes its sci fi and yes its based upon a Robert Heilen
novel. Are you a citzen, if you do not sign up for
war you dont vote. Like 1984 but more realistic.

7) The Grey Zone

You want to abandon humanity then this flick is for you. I warn you
do not watch this unless you are a critical thinker.

8) 13 hours at Bengazi

A handful of American contractors hold off a whole nation and its true.
If they had air support the story might have been different. Its a bureaucracy
killed the messenger story.

9) Lone Survior

True story of a mission that went side ways with a group of guys
that no one would want to see dead. The action sequences are
so real I bought a bulletproof vest to watch it in 4k>

10) Siege of Bagotville

Another incredible true story of Irish Peacekeepers facing the French Foreign legion against incredible odds holding out. In the end they surrendered but did not lose a single man. It also explains why the UN is shit.

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