Monday, 20 June 2011

Tax Lemmings (Lemmings are Native to Norway how Ironic)

What happened to Canada, where are the people who forced Universal Health Care upon the elites?  That decision saved us from the disaster of US health care. Not only are 20% of Americans not covered, much of the coverage is only as good as your health, and the overall cost is 30% more per capita than other Nations.  Our greatest National mistake was abandoning Pierre Trudeau and his prescient National Energy Policy.  In 2009 Canada was producing 330 million barrels per day and Norway 235 million Barrels, Canada is trending up and Norway down. Norway after paying all the other bills in a pure socialist 6 week holiday, 36 hour work week, 3 years maternity leave country has accumulated a Heritage fund of $500 Billion. They have a NEP, if Canada had maintained its NEP we would be in even better shape, but instead we $550 Billion debt and get piddly Royalties of $9 Billion a year, less money than we make from the lottery, and less money EXXON pays Texas per barrel. On top of that we give tens of billions of dollars in tax breaks to the oil companies for the privilege of having them take our resources at cost and sell them for huge profits to America. Furthermore it wasMulroney who bankrupted the country not Trudeau.  In his defense Mulroney recognized the genius of the Value Added Tax.  Properly administered it is not regressive and it forces big spenders to support society more than those by choice or circumstance who spend less.  Tax what you want less of, consumption, and reward what you want more of income. Dion was totally on with his carbon tax.  Accepting taxes are part of civilization, and then why not adopt a tax policy that forces the nation into a best outcome. The amount of tax does not change, what does change is outcome. Get rid of pollution, provide a bully pulpit to bash the laggards on global warming, and make your nation the most efficient in the world. All squandered to follow Harper over a cliff of Drug Wars, Military Bases, F35 lead sleds, and climate denial.

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