Monday, 27 June 2011

Peg Hockey Wives Winnipeg Highlights

Former Peg Hockey wives have gathered some pictures and talking points to welcome the former Thrasher wives and girlfriends, I have copies of both.

Before you buy you can stay at our luxury hotel the Peg Oais, as you can see from the Antenna, there is AM in every room!
For sure on a daily basis you will meet everyone at the Supercenter!

For your intimate wear it does not get better than Victoria's Parkas!
Driving at first will seem impossible, but there is a great public transit system!

This is a typical luxury home, with two snowmobile garage(Leed Certified all natural materials) and guest tents. Oh course fully winterized.
As reported in Vancouver Sun, attempts are being made to make Winnipeg seem livable to the former Thrashers. hockey wife who grew up in Winnipeg is collecting a list of highlights and sending it to all the new Peg Wives. I got a copy.

1)It has an airport
2)Airport mostly deserted you never have to wait in line, and your house will practicably be on the runway.
3)It’s a very walk able city, you could go end to end in a few minutes if not for the snowdrifts.
4)Airport offers flights 3 days a week.
5)They keep the road to the airport well plowed, it is closed down less than a week every year.
6)Peg rink very green, they don’t need artificial ice.
7) Biggest population of Icelanders outside Iceland live in Peg, they report back to Iceland, Peg like Florida.
8)Being totally shitfaced in public common in Peg, it stops blood from freezing. In fact its recommended to always keep blood alcohol level over .2. When you’re shitfaced all the time you will forget you are in Winnipeg.
9)No insects in Peg during NHL regular schedule, and likely Peg will not ever go far enough in playoffs to see June 1 outbreak of bird sized mosquito.
10) You will save thousands on wardrobe, really no choice of what to wear.


  1. You sir, ARE a fucking asshole!

  2. the super super center?? Awesome! But why's there none in my city?