Monday, 13 June 2011

Why cant we build modern infrastructure

When I see infrastructure projects like this solar paneled covered high speed train line, I wonder how Canada and by extension the USA cannot get their ducks in a row to do anything modern.  Dreaming of High Speed Rail in North America, is to get excited about 150km per hour, China is not dreaming they are building a 400Km/hr Maglev system between Shanghai and Hangzhou (194Km).  In Canada would it not be less expensive to put a solar canopy over our Superhwy, than to put up with all the accidents, delays and fantastic maintenance costs caused by exposed roads. It would be killing two birds with one stone, clean power where we need it and better highways. Where have we in North America gone wrong? Any politician that can figure that out deserves a good long term in command.
Game on in Japan.
China leaps ahead. Turns out when you take passenger trains off freight lines, there is more capacity for rail freight, which is cheaper than trucks.

How they built the original Toronto Subway.

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