Monday, 6 June 2011

Defending Brigitte DePage

Photo Jeff Widener of the Associated Press

Two camps have emerged, those who see her as a heroine and those who think she is foolish, and has given the page program a black eye. The supporters are joyful, but the detractors are more meh! First lets take Jack Layton to the woodshed. For him to coldly chastise DePape was a window into his soul. He is not fighting Harper, he is playing a game, now that he is leader of the opposition, all the traditions, smoke and mirrors become subjects where protest becomes blasphemy. Does he not understand Harper has him exactly where he wants him, a milkbag in a gilded cage. Jack is happy to play his role in a Kubuki theatre where Harper and the conservatives do whatever they want. Jack should be celebrating DePage and agreeing we do need an Arab Spring in Canada. That would take the form of proportional representation. It is absurd we continue with a first past the post system. Unless Harper has a PR meltdown the conservative will be able to rule unmolested.

DePage never called for the elimination of the military. This is a straw man defenders of unjustifiable military expenses always put forward. “Should our troops fight with old equipment, should we just surrender to (insert enemy of the day).”The F35 is a overpriced underperforming airplane, a poor decision that will starve Canada’s military. Similarly the plan to set up military bases in 7 countries is another drain we don’t need. Canada is not the worlds police man and we don’t have to raise our hand every time the USA says “interested”!
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  1. It's complete BS for you to say Layton isn't fighting Harper because he doesn't support a page who made a mockery of our elected officials. There's a time and a place for peaceful protest; doing so on the senate floor during a throne speech was neither.

    If DePage really cared about democracy in Canada, she should have held up a sign labeled "support proportional representation", not slam a Prime Minister who was democratically elected.

  2. Layton could have said yes but, instead he threw her totally under the bus, and a sign that big would not fit under her dress.

  3. DePage by her recent action has made a complete disgrace to Canada and ALL our citizens. Firing her is not enough! She is an adult and there must be some law that she could be charged with to make her deliberate and pre-medidated act part of her permanent CRIMINAL RECORD!

  4. In a democracy one does not sit 'politely' idly by while so-called leaders burn down the country. As DePape recently said in interviews, democracy is not an event that happens once every four years. People who think that being polite and subservient to the oppressor is patriotic have apparently never heard of Tommy Douglas or other truly great Canadians. If you're going to sit on your couch and consider yourself to be doing the right thing by shutting up while people are getting screwed then you make me sick.

  5. DePage certainly flushed out a lot of people with strange ideas.

    Jack Layton & the NDP doesn't want to change things. They just want power, like the other parties.

    We are SO programmed to believe that politicians want to do good for Canada, that we can't see that they and the corporations are, and have been robbing the tax money from the treasury forever.