Thursday, 2 June 2011

Not your fathers Silk Road

Update Aug 16, 2013. Dread Pirate Bitcon

Update April 4, 2013. Bitcoin is on fire.

Paradigm shifting stories about drugs abound today. In the Netherlands the right wing government is shutting down the famous coffee houses to tourists and implementing new restrictions on citizens. Pot was never legal the cops just like in The Wire Amsterdam just looked away for 40 years.  Meanwhile over at the UN a unimpeachable panel has concluded the war on drugs is a massive failure and governments should consider policies like used to exist in the Netherlands.  Finally a hard to wrap your head around William Gibson prophesized future has become a reality. Cyperpunks have created untraceable web money called Bitcoin.. Using coin consumers can buy virtually any drug online and have it delivered by mail.  How the worm turns!

Bitcon update, man it’s tough to be revolutionary and libertarian these days.

Bitcon update,
its a real revolutionary currency after all, Wikileaks proved the emperor has no clothes and you can not believe anything the US and in fact most governments tell you. So whats the solution?

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