Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Montreal was Robbed

Horton got nailed with a late open ice hit. He did not obey the first rule of hockey, keep your head up. Rome was in the wrong and if the NHL wants to make this the standard for late hits, I am all for it.  Four games in a Stanley cup final are worth at least 20 games during the regular season.  Many professional pundits are lamenting that the loss of Horton is a severe blow to Boston’s cup aspirations. Yet these same wise men judged the Chara’s late hit and pole axe to be part of hockey, split second decision, wrong place at wrong time. It was Pacioretty’s fault for making a move in that area. None lamented that Pacioretty’s loss may have cost Montreal a cup. When you consider that 3 games in the Boston series went to overtime, and Pacioretty was a proven gamebreaker, its clear Montreal would have eliminated Boston and now be playing Vancouver. The NHL justice system has been a joke; let’s hope the Rome punishment is the new standard, not just a means to promote Comcast favourites.


  1. Patches had proven to be a Brooons-bane so great point Steve. While one would like to think that a team does not rest on the laurels of one player, in a series as tight as MTL-BOS, a guy like Pacioretty have made the difference.

  2. from a bruins fan....

    montreal did get robbed and chara should have sat in the press box for 5 games, but that doesn't mean that you would have automatically gone to the cup finals. patches may have made a difference...may have. but you still would have had to beat philly and tampa and who knows what would have happened? i don't like the montreal attitude that you guys are better than everyone. case in point, the douchebag that gave me a beer shower years ago when i was 10 (ten!) for wearing a bruins jersey in montreal.

    every team has shit happen to them in this game, it doesn't make anyone entitled.

    as for me, i hope that whoever is stupid enough to deliver a hit to the head next (be it chara, lucic, gionta or even fucking kovalev) sits for 10 fucking games. i'm just as sick of the hypocrisy from the league as you are.

  3. viny, fair comments, and I deplore fans who abuse other fans, some good natured trash talk fine, but its only a game, and we are all brothers in arms at the end of the day.