Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Common sense may make some sense tomorrow

As John Prine famously opined “common sense, it don’t make no sense no more”.  Japan leads the world in uniformity of appearance.  For males a suit and tie are as much an attachment as a penis.  However now that cultural norms face an intractable energy shortage, an attempt to spark common sense into a flame burns brightly.  If people wear shorts and sandals they can cope with hot weather better, in many cases without air conditioning. Europeans have been doing it since 1973. The rest of the world in fits and starts, but in today’s Japan it is becoming a religion. When I am dressed appropriately it takes a very humid day to motivate me to turn on the air con in my car. If everyone in North America was so inclined the demand for gas in the summer would drop 10 to 15% without any other change. Thinkaboot it.(yes that is me dressed for the office)

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