Friday, 10 June 2011

What Bridgette (DePage) DePape was Talking about

Waste, waste, waste, that’s what governments deliver far too often. Every time you see a TV commercial, print ad or radio spot from a government it is akin to a payoff to some connected party.  The taxpayer pays tens of millions for political support staff and consultants to reelect their boss. Canada rates 6 on thescale of government corruption. So if your head explodes every time waste, fraud and incompetence is spotted just imagine if you were in a worse country, for example the USA, 22nd.  Still it is wrong to call for government to be run more like a business; more businesslike is a better goal.  Government is all that buttress society from total anarchy, and the effectiveness of government is calculated by measuring the absoluteness of rule of law.  A countries position on the corruption scale is linked to a top result in measures of competitiveness, happiness and top rated cities.
That is what is so disturbing about the G20 summit results. Massive corruption, twice the amount purely pilfered than ADSCAM. All the rules put in place after ADSCAM blithely ignored. Through total incompetence in the execution the cost soared from an already extravagant budget of $175 million into the $700 million orbit. The democratic debacle of police kettleing and roaming the streets without badges bashing everything in their path. To add insult to injury investigations into police brutality conducted like a blind man critiquing a Jackson Pollack painting. More in your face messaging, if you protest we will beat the crap out of you and you have a snowballs chance of justice. The blatant disregard for taxpayers dollars continues with plans to buy Faberge jets, create more criminals, build more prisons, commit Canada to more overseas adventures. It is a fast motion train wreck, and as we have seen in the USA, you can ruin a country in record time, but rebuilding may take decades.  The General ruling Burma was meeting Lee Quan Yu, Harry said to the General “follow my plans and in 20 years Burma can be just like Singapore( 1st)”, the General replied “ following my orders  my soldiers could make Singapore like Burma (176th)in 20 minutes”

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  1. That's who they are and they have no legitimacy.