Monday, 27 June 2011

Think tank gap

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Think tank gaps cause Canadians to only get one side of the issues. Case in point: CD Howe Institute puts forward a 3 page, yes 3 page talking point memo about how to best regulate the future of telecom. The startling conclusion, no regulation, let market forces work their magic. There is no countervailing report, so the report is taken as gospel, the press owned by the vertical integrated near monopolies, puts this report on the front pages of their newspapers, and reports it on their radio and television stations. Effectively using industrial propaganda to shape the common wisdom.  This happens on a myriad of issues, and based upon the results it’s easy to see it’s very effective. There are no easy solutions, in the US Billionaires like George Soros have stepped forward to try and level the playing field, in Canada, not so much.

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