Friday, 17 June 2011

Sinking and Climbing

Rim rockets rearward. I have a blackberry and it’s a perfectly good phone. The problem for Rim is that the Android and Apple phones are more Nintendo than Bell. The next problem for RIM is what I call the ski binding story.  Sometime in the 1980’s ski bindings reach perfection, there was really no way to provide a better binding (platforms still use same binding tech).  Smartphones have reached this plateau, so what can RIM do. If I was running the company I would build a huge for sale sign. My opinion is heavily influenced by the trashing I took on that orphans and widows champion Nortel. 

Airplanes always inspire, there is nothing more fascinating than defying gravity. IMHO the greatest aircraft designer is Burt Rutan and his Starship the most beautiful plane ever, until succeeded by the Italian Piaggio P180which was the best part of the Miami Vice Movie.

There are a couple of very special Canadian plane manufactures. Diamond Aircraft makes the Austrian designed birds in London.

The illustrious legendary Twin Otter has been reborn in Toronto.

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