Thursday, 10 January 2013


Best Picture movies I have seen: 1)Django Unchained 2)Argo 3) Zero Dark Thirty 4) Lincoln 6)Life of Pi.
Lincoln would not be on my list. It was like watching CSPAN. Daniel Day Lewis was terrific; I found most of the other actors ridiculous due to costumes and dialogue. Life of Pi, Ang Lee is a great story teller, he tells this shaggy dog story without flaws, but its still a shagg dog story. Django Unchained should win. Looper was a good as either of the other two movies. I predict a win for Zero Dark Thirty.
Best Director
None of the nominees from the movies I saw should win.
Best Actor
Daniel Day Lewis
Best Actress
Jessica Chaistian
Best Supporting Actor
Christop Waltz (Alan Arkin and Tommy Lee Jones were character actors in my book)
Best Supporting Actress
Ann Hathaway

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