Monday, 21 January 2013

Canadian Jihadists

Canadian Jihadists trouble me. A Canadian passport of convenience is nothing new. In the run-up to the handover of Hong Kong to the Peoples Republic citizens of that British colony flocked to our shores, got a passport and went straight back with the world’s best insurance policy in their brief case.   The criteria that brands Kadir and other jihadist as terrorists/enemies of the state could be applied to famous dissenters like Dr. Norman Bethune.  It is not unimaginable that fifty years from now a Middle East solidly ruled by Islamists is triumphant, Israel no longer exists and people like Kadri are viewed by future Canadians with the same affection we have for Dr. Bethune and Che Guevara.
So the question is how much of the past do we destroy to protect our future from the present? Does it make any sense pass new laws or even change the constitution to prevent outliers from abusing Canada?  I propose a citizenship retention act.  Native born Canadian are going to have to jump over a very high bar to be refused Citizenship.  Behaving like Conrad Black comes to mind. Even the antics of the Kadri clan would not warrant being made stateless. For those granted citizenship the bar is much lower, and why not be proactive? Let’s run the numbers and see how many paper citizens exist. If they fit the criteria of scallywag they will have to go to an embassy, or maybe appear on a reality tv show and demonstrate why they should continue to be privileged enough to have their face on a Canadian passport.

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