Thursday, 3 January 2013

America beats Canada at World Jrs not an accident

Who is the hottest Russian female and male in the movies? Pretty narrow field and most of the time if your a stickler, you will find that Russian was really from the Ukraine. So how many Russkies are really on that team. It’s a conspiracy to beat Canada. As Don Cheery often immortalizes, even those people who could not find Canada on a map hate us cause we are just punching way above our weight if I might say a manly sport. Sport is a modern impediment of mortal combat. You are not playing a sport if you dance like dandelions on the lawn of battle. A cpu on low threat, not subject to the code at the core of our lizard brains, live and let die, motherfucker!

The CIA first identified hockey as a potential threat after a potential recruit for skullies set a standard no member of the skulls initiated since the landing of the Mayflower had ever done. The picking frozen olives off of lazyboy sized bricks of ice and filling your opponents net haze ritual was a good example of primitive psyk ops. The group can laugh hardest at itself when its members are doing ridiculous things like getting ice burns on delicate parts. Surveys mostly from FAUX news say, most have never tried to pick up a frozen olive from a brick of ice unsealing that very imprecise gluteus Maximus muscle, frog hop six meters to his cup, deposit your treasure and run back to pick up another but. The pledge with the top score wins.

Extraordinary was the ability of the few Canadians at that time to dominate. An observant man (Johnny Shrub) with a big future with the agency wanted some of these ice super soldiers for his future army. Thus began the Meta science of determining who would win a heart of darkness event. At that time Americans only excelled at a lot of sissy games. NFL football, boxing and skiing where the only sports with potential lethal outcomes. And with all due respect to the Femmes, downhill skiing is a sport, women's hockey is a pastime, along with figure skating and 150 other sports people win gold medals for at the Olympics. For the CIA this was a clear combat sport gap. They were deadly afraid a homosexual communist might make the water polo team. The CIA was behind the Miracle on ice.

US college teams of the 80's would never have been competitive in the CHL. They would be a good Jr B team, if they could take the pain. A group of boys beat large groups of men, future Soviet legends, the same men who shocked, shackled and shaved Canada's legendary team to a near draw just 8 years earlier.

The miracle on ice was a product of Shruby's integrated long term planning horizon SWOT thesis regarding regaining America manhood. Hockey was a perfect manifestation of that, and he had learned from his Skullies initiation hockey players have fire and ice.

The Shrubs success at the Olympics
paved his path to the big white house. This history is all well covered but the back story is fascinating as well. Young Shrub had been a raging hard on analyst of the captured Nazi super soldier program. The immunizations given to select American demography from 1957 to, well we don't know exactly how and when the program was terminated. However we do know every member of the US college team would fit the profile of having super soldier DNA.
Shrub while publicly ducking evolution like a Swede in the corner ducking a check like he has a dozen eggs stuffed into his jockstrap. Shrub was very confident of his DNA and with proper coaching this combination would keep American supremacy supreme. The work he did with his children is remarkable. His challenged son also gained the highest throne this round of civilization has created. The special children of America with regard to race or creed were examined and graded and given to or rejected the most expensive injection ever formulated. Today we see the product created with technology fifty years old. The latest incarnations from America are part of that team.
And the Russkies, well anything the Americans can do nasty, the Russians can do worse.

In Canada was none of this until
we got our own super soldier in charge. Select children of Exxon employees received a dose, same for all Fortune 500 companies.

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