Monday, 5 November 2012


The choice is stark. Do something different, or continue with the crony plutocracy. The only choice for change is Obama-Biden.  The Goodfellas style bust out of the world’s economy must be stopped. Obama will try and do this, Romney will exacerbate it. That’s the big picture that has earned Obama my tepid endorsement.  My limp handshake gripping his performance should be tempered by the fact; he faced and faces a bewildering chain of constraints.
Top Ten Reason to vote Obama
1) The middle class is his tribe.  Survival for the middle class is not rhetorical proposition. Obama may not be its greatest champion, but compared to Romney he is a Mother Teresa.
2) Without damaging the Democratic Party’s defense credentials he has ended two pointless wars. Furthermore, he derailed Netanyahoo's scheme to start a war with Iran. This achievement should not be underestimated. Its a given if both Romney and Netanyahoo govern simultaneously Iran will be preemptive collateral damage.
3) Obama care was a courageous step toward bringing America into the moral and civilised world where Health care is a human right.
4) Climate change is part of his belief system. His work on green energy and just leading the public opinion on this issue has been groundbreaking. Case in point the new mileage requirements for cars. Policies that have already become huge game changers; real change that benefits US citizens and the world every day.
5) His support for high speed rail. Anyone who has ridden the fast rails knows that a nation that does not have a high speed rail infrastructure is not going to be a player in the 21st century.
6) His reforms on education. Taking the baloney out of no child left behind.
7) His return to the world of international agreement. The king never wants to be bound by law. America has been the king for a long time. However Obama recognises the kingdom will run better if there are clear rules. The absolute rejection of the role of international jurisprudence was the worst instinct of the Bush world view.
8) His recognition that government has a huge role to play in citizen’s life. Things need to be done, so will a private organisation do a better job of running and regulating your life, or a public institution?
9) His admittance of defeat in the war on drugs. The actions have not meshed with the words yet.  However an Obama victory means this is another war that will be wound down, while Romney will clearly double down on crazy.
10) His clearheaded Vulcan like vision for NASA. Why spend scarce resources on photo ops? NASA has been revitalised to do the hard R&D, and let private enterprise fill in space.

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  1. 1) Really? Unemployment in real numbers i.e. those who've stopped looking for work is up under Obama, and real wages have dropped. Growth this quarter is projected to be a mere 1%. He's a champion of the middle class?
    2) He has? War with Iran is still on the books pal.
    3) A 'right' is something that you and I need nothing from our neighbour in order to practice. The 'right' to health care implies someone must either through coercion, or by payment of funds taken by coercion, provide care services. Sounds like my right to private property i.e. my time, energy and labour has just been trampled on. Learn what a 'right' is, loon.
    4) You are really stretching here.
    5) Where is it then? 1 trillion dollars in stimulus money, and I don't see too many high speed rail corridors popping up
    6) Empty words.
    7) When "international jurisprudence" includes states such as Syria, China and Russia, why would we consider them as moral voices in how to approach problems in the world
    8) A private organization would do a better job precisely because it has no need to regulate your life. What nonsense.
    9)Oh God... I'm tired.

    I won't be back here. What a crap blog.