Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Enough of Will and Kate

Photo (Magnus D)
I refuse to believe the Canadian people are the easily amused buffoons projected by our media. This morning on Canada AM I heard a 5 min discussion on how earnestly Kate and Will look for each other while appearing in public. GEEZ. We don't care, we are unhappy that in these times of restraint, these two genetic lottery winners are taking real millions out of our treasury. This is not our future king, that is Prince Charles, so I sincerely hope we see no more of these freeloaders until Will is actually next in line.

What is behind the frenzy, Harper. Distraction, patriotism, are all part of the psych ops toolkit, and Canada is getting a royal going over.

Unbelievable they are riding around in an Airbus capacity 150 people instead of a Challenger. Cost difference thousands per hour.

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