Friday, 15 August 2014

You can not build your own TV but the computer is an afterthought

If you have half a brain and are not rich
your building your own computer
upon which you will play some games
and engage in chat
with your fellow builders
who did not save a cent
on the buy
but bought
a lamroghini
for the cost of 
a pinto 
that could 
go to flames
before those
texts where deleteted
or moved upstairs
where the big boys
spend the budget
looking after simple 
people who become inflamed.

Cyberbully you tell me
what a flushie 
would do to your 

Bully and Bully be
highschool is al about
recognizing that doubt
and the great thing about bullies
is they have no reach
if you are the one to preach
ignore the call
the false flag
the call to arms
that was so questionable

even a warrior
like hemigmway
would tell you 
join the other side,

We love Hemigway
and we rub our
notions against his Nobel prize
Now I do not even know
and I was to lazy to Google
did he win one.

Today we can discuss and formet
and make very many dusty great cases
but this was a man that was
born before
and in no way could a Noble prize
be awarded
to his history  of seeking
where brilliance could be applied
and then the future 
would have to admit
he commitecd suicide
did he see life so termally
he could not abide.

When rich people off themseleves
using hard drugs in a amount
that a lab tech would not approve
but believe me now and I will tell 
you later
every Star that dies had a taste of Heroin,
Not a taste direct
no just the same qualified
human effect.

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