Tuesday, 19 August 2014

War Pigs Exposed in Fergunson

Ferguson and the whole 
state of the world debate
We have a lot of useless
people and guns

Now what will happen in the USA
is not a massacre
but in the wilder
world they will 
take a 223 in the area
of critical ones

What are we fighting for?
This is not WW2
or even the american civil war
It seems we spill ammunition
to fuel our ambition
to be players
with the rescuers
that will get us a profile
on the Wall Street Journal
as the thoughtful one

I did not hoon 
I did not wipe
out hundreds of civilians
with my drift
I  only wanted clean
yet here I a, 
with significance

Blood  makes the surface slippery
and when I bring
my barely functioning Toyota
to make 
at train
Its always blood from the fans
cause they are cheering  my name
but all I want is for them to die
because unlike my Toyota
I am not sure how
much upon them I can rely
when all my excess 
becomes public
bee ahead
bee ahead
do not let
them take
and place
a price 
on that head
with a bartaq
and some quality control
just to make sure
the freedom 
your advocating
is not outside the reach
of goverment control

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