Thursday, 28 August 2014

Obama Pussyfooting with ISIS

It brings back to me the Bay of Pigs. JFK saw reality and would not move and now this is Obama's moment.  No need to take him out with a hard hit these days. Soft power media and the internet can persuade.

Like are they the worst people in the world or not?
If there are kill them all
Kill everyone 
Are we going to now be squeamish about collateral data
We wiped out Nagasaki motherfuckers
and no one apologized after the fact
that war Sandinista
that's taking lives
and making sure
they have no idea
how to strike back.

The pressure today on Obama
is extreme
but the difference between Obama
and JFK
is that you can not kill a sitting American President
without leaving all over the crime science
incriminating DNA

So Hawks will circle about 
and tell all the people about
the Ukrainians
but if the truth be told
they were just some other
warlords gold.

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