Monday, 4 August 2014

The Kitchen Sink was Exposed

When I was five or six years old
I first became aware
there is a world and I
somehow are a part of it
My question then
and now is how do I join
will I be a participant
a sailor or a Capetian
a member of the Columbus tradition
as an astronaut,
or as a servant
even an incredibly elevated one

The man realizing that
basically told you
get back to factory
because for you astronomy
is a column in the
paper on Sunday
your fate is in the stars

Fate that is spelled
Sheeple, come on people
be alive

There is no magic force
that guided you to merry
the cheerleader at 23
and give your fortune away
at 43

Women are the toughest nuts
a civilization can screw down
the harem model worked for
centuries and with our beloved friends
the Saudis it still rings true

But I prefer a healthy competition
with my best friend
your my partner baby
I apologize if God
made me so
horny my mind
is fixed on
getting down

Work out the man and women thing
and you have civilizations
that can bring everything
there is no task
no part of the past
no rise to the impossible ask
that a man and a women
working together can not accomplish
did we need both sexes
no way
but if you want to create a sustainable empire
there are protocols
and places
and models
and no other way

There are no useless people
no superior ones
no American exception ably
no chosen ones

I got to hit hard on American Exceptionably
this is so blowhard
It does not exist
America was a open plain
with only a scant sprinkling of native
people to desist
Nothing remarkable about taking
a continent and all its riches
and saying to the world
wish you were me bitches

The world should be run like a sports team

the person who did not make the grade

is not a failure

and likely so many levels

above the ones that did not realize

it was a thing,.

Now we hit this century
and its so far a bomb
we got strife everywhere
and the action of all those
20th century citizens are
on the climate proving to
be a really really wrong

Nothing we can not over come
every day new miracles
appear in the laboratories
of diversity
not American exceptional its
just humans chasing creation

The only thing that worries me is the weight
and the forces of inertia
Yes you can stop a ship
before its destination
but if its not fully sound
will kill everyone bound
for with no salvation
like over packing a ferry
and it sinking for people
only seeking a vacation all round
but for the planet we are dealing
with astronomical sums
and calculations
beyond the smartest minds
to provide they have a theorem
that is an insolvable one

John Prine said it best
we live in an era
where a smoking vest
and a bullet proof poof
override common sense
Even the least disingagged
the world is changing
in ways that for most
of us mean less blue
Common sense
its makes no sense anymore
but It is to not late to change
because at some point
we will be force to obey
the HVAC God

when you plugged up the global
filter with all humanities gunk
and as a consequence
killed every living beast
because the ant in the kitchen
made you tear out the

kitchen sink.

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