Thursday, 14 August 2014

If its Thursday it must be a bad day

Most bad news is delivered on Friday after 6:30 PM so the networks can ignore it with continuing and increasingly alienating happy talk. I may have remarked once or twice but its worth repeating,  the news is now total propaganda, part of the glue being applied to a house of cards heavy with paper, a structure that can not stand when the lies are stripped away. Sunshine is a disinfectant but the people who are paid not to know are brilliant at putting up blinds. The laws of thermodynamics dictate this behavior is like a perpetual motion machine fueled by fraud as all such devices must be. When they stop its not pretty and many mechanics fall like the collateral damage at a wedding when the drone mistook the bride for All ill. In all but the worst cases the architects survive. You think the Nazi suffered genocide, no they were married to the Neo Cons by operation paperclip and the ship sailed on. A Nazi scientist was the program manager of the Apollo program but he was sorry maybe.

So Thursday tale of woe is nothing new, we got Ukraine and Fukashima. One a threat to humanity and the other a proxy war for the masters of the Universe. There is little on the planet they do not control, from The City. If you worship some kind of Jewish conspiracy the name Rothschild strikes fear into your heart. I believe the Rothschild could buy the Rocker fellers and Bushes and every other gentile ten times over with pocket change. Hitler was a good Catholic yet we never hear about a Catholic Conspiracy to take over the world. No because they did that already. Is it possible the Jewish Rothschild love their Jewish heritage and use their great wealth to help Israel survive in a toxic environment? Only a Jew would do this, that I know for sure. The Irish in America shunned the IRA. Only Jews try to help their parents, how evil.

What is going on in the Ukraine and how are the Jews controlling events there?
Its allegedly pretty clear that chaos in the Ukraine was a Saudi reaction to Vlad refuses an offer he could not refuse from Saudi. Let Syria fall and we will suck your balls and any other treat with which money can delight. Money and pleasure mean nothing to Vlad, he is a Czar, no way he is going to trade the prize for perks.
Back to the Jews. There is a state called Israel. No less than Jimmy Carter has called it an apartheid state. Ouch that hurt and Jimmy was whipped to the point he retracted. But the fact remains Israel is a religious entity not a secular dream. No one calls the Vatican an apartheid state, or the long list in the Middle East that broach no intellectual freedom when it comes to religion.

I can not square the circle that is Israel, if we have one law it must apply to all. 
So in a black and white world America should be calling for Israel to respect the UN charter of humans rights. But the other 200 odd violators would also have to called on the carpet so that is not going to happen. What we have here is a failure to communicate that the rule of the law is the law. That its not just a fantasy on our planet, a paper tiger with no teeth or claws. A fiction like Santa Clause who can deliver toys, but the chimney must be to specification, and the cause irritating enough to cause Cavour in the earth. If you read the words and think your safe, your living on a planet where the pen is mightier than the sword. In this world words get lip service and over time the blade may become dull. In the moment of conflict no matter how sharp the retort, or dull the response, the wordsmith will always fall. Everybody knows, everybody knows when the shit hits the fan and lives or more importantly reputations that make historical narratives correct are on the line, the words may give the victims some comfort but it will not save them from being dead.

The world we know is moving to the center. Unfortunately its a GPS coordinate that bombs. Polarization is another word for divide and conquer. People do not really care about all the big things. We innately know the world is not serious
it does not demand we go toe to toe.
Man is an animal as so we should go
big herds with a stallion in charge
until a young contender can knock 
him down 
our kill him if 
that is the incumbents choice
that is if there where not at third choice
lets dance it out on the beach

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  1. I do not know how it could be organized. But what if we had an econmic model based on small accourtable society.
    As a lader your responsible to your neighbours and you interacted with other cells who believed. My life is not all that complicated. Just give me a purpose and give me trust the powers beyond my control do not decieve. And even if they tell me the truth it was something that might make me whole, not give a Mexican a chance to believe.